DB968014 (ex D5502 – 31002)

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Converted to ETS generating unit in 1980 and used in the GE area, principally at Great Yarmouth. Scrapped at Crewe in 1984.

Sightings for DB968014

LocoLocationDateSeen by
As 31002Stratford Depot13/03/1980RO 07/80
DB968014Stratford Depot19/07/1980Kevin Law
DB968014March Depot07/03/1981Rail Nov/Dec 81 page 50
DB968014Great Yarmouth – station sidings18/04/1981Andrew Dodgson
ADB968014Great Yarmouth – station sidings13/06/1981Tony Willmore
ADB968014Norwich Thorpe Depot11/07/1981Kevin Davies
ADB968014Norwich17/08/1981Mark Sutton
ADB968014Doncaster Works18/10/1981RO 12/81
ADB968014Great Yarmouth12/06/1982Mister C
ADB968014Great Yarmouth03/07/1982Paul Green
ADB968014Great Yarmouth24/07/1982Mister C
ADB968014Great Yarmouth02/10/1982Flickr
ADB968014Chesterton Jnct CCE Yard (Is this a mistake for ADB968013?)04/10/1982Rail Jan 83 pag 47
ADB968014Great Yarmouth-Norwich29/10/1982Rail Jan 83 pag 47
ADB968014March Depot12/11/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968014March Depot05/12/1982Kevin Law
ADB968014Toton Depot (Arrived)23/12/1982Rail April 83 Page 52
ADB968014Toton Depot04/01/1983Steve Webster
ADB968014Toton Depot (Left)08/01/1983Rail April 83 Page 52
ADB968014Crewe Works (Photo)10/01/1983Rail April 83 Page 54
ADB968014Crewe Works01/02/1983Rail May 83 Page 40
ADB968014Crewe Works11/06/1983Simeon Gaskell
ADB968014Crewe Works17/07/1983Roy Hennefer
ADB968014Crewe Works07/08/1983Carl Watson
ADB968014Crewe Works13/08/1983Simeon Gaskell
ADB968014Crewe Works08/10/1983Paul Green
ADB968014Crewe Works09/10/1983Edward Irvine (8441)
ADB968014Crewe Works29/10/1983Roy Hennefer
ADB968014Crewe Works04/12/1983Roy Hennefer
ADB968014Crewe Works10/12/1983Peter Hall
ADB968014Crewe Works15/01/1984Lawrie Bowles
ADB968014Crewe Works16/01/1984Guy Vincent
ADB968014Crewe Works31/01/1984Rail May 1984 page 60
ADB968014Crewe Works04/02/1984Edward Irvine (8441)
ADB968014Crewe Works04/02/1984Roy Hennefer
ADB968014Crewe Works05/04/1984Rail June 1984 Page 50r
ADB968014Crewe Works (remains)02/06/1984Paul Green