DB968009 (ex D5142 – 24142)

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Converted to ETS generating unit in 1976 and used on the Western Region. It was initially used at Plymouth before moving onto to Worcester on 9th May 1977. Subsequently it saw use at Oxford, Reading, Cardiff and Swansea.

Hiding behind the Worcester Shrub Hill station sign, still in BR (W) chocolate, on 24th September 1977 is TDB968009   Guy Vincent

DB968009 is pictured amongst a multitude of other locomotives at Canton Depot, Cardiff on 13th July 1981   David Plimmer

By September 1982 it had moved to the GE area of the Eastern Region were it was stored out of use at Stratford depot. On 21st February 1983 it was viewed at 11:20 on the Lincoln avoiding line in a consist hauled by 31xxx and comprising ADB968001, ADB968009, 25214, 40025 and a standard 20t Brake Van en-route from Stratford to Healey Mills Yard. It remained at Healey Mills Yard until being moved to Coopers Metals, Brightside, Sheffield for scrap in September 1984.

Sightings for DB968009

LocoLocationDateSeen by
As 24142Laira Depot05/10/1976RO 12/76
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station14/05/1977RO July 1977 page 238
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station24/07/1977Bob Stone
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station07/08/1977Stewart Hookins
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station12/09/1977Guy Tritton
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station24/09/1977Guy Vincent
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station12/11/1977Guy Vincent
TDB968009Worcester Shrub Hill Station11/02/1978Peter Hall
TDB968009Plymouth Laira Depot20/08/1978Paul Green
TDB968009Exeter S D In 7B78 1915 Newton Abbot -Exeter Riverside Hauled BY 4742424/10/1978Rob Stpne
TDB968009Reading Depot29/11/1978Gerry Desmond
TDB968009Oxford Depot03/05/1979Brian Cuttell
TDB968009Oxford Depot17/05/1979Peter Hall
TDB968009Oxford Depot19/05/1979Paul Green
TDB968009Oxford Depot30/05/1979Mister C
TDB968009Oxford Depot07/07/1979Tony Willmore
TDB968009Oxford Depot15/07/1979Brian Cuttell
TDB968009Oxford Depot02/08/1979p.403 10/79 RO
TDB968009Reading Depot10/08/1979p.403 10/79 RO
TDB968009Reading Depot04/09/1979Lawrie Bowles
TDB968009Reading Depot22/10/1979Gerry Desmond
TDB968009Reading Depot10/11/1979Paul Green
TDB968009Reading Depot18/02/1980Gerry Desmond
TDB968009Reading Depot23/02/1980Paul Green
TDB968009Reading Depot01/03/1980RO 07/80
TDB968009Reading Depot02/04/1980Glyn Phillips
TDB968009Reading Depot13/04/1980Lawrie Bowles
TDB968009Reading Depot06/05/1980Gerry Desmond
TDB968009Reading Depot14/07/1980Paul Green
TDB968009Reading Depot21/07/1980Kevin Law
TDB968009Reading Depot07/08/1980Kevin Luke
TDB968009Reading Depot20/09/1980Kevin Law
TDB968009Reading Depot15/02/1981Keith Gunner
TDB968009Reading Depot28/02/1981Keith Gunner
TDB968009Reading Depot18/04/1981Paul Green
TDB968009Reading Depot27/04/1981Gordon Edgar
TDB968009Reading Depot07/06/1981Kevin Law
TDB968009Canton Depot, Cardiff22/06/1981Lawrie Bowles
TDB968009Canton Depot, Cardiff18/07/1981Dave Plimmer
TDB968009Canton Depot, Cardiff27/07/1981RO 10/81 p.342
TDB968009Ebbw Junction – Swansea Maliphant CS05/11/1981RO 02/82
TDB968009Swansea Maliphant CS27/02/1982Andrew Dodgson
TDB968009Swansea Maliphant CS31/07/1982Carl Watson
TDB968009Entered Stratford Depot DRS06/09/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
TDB968009Stratford Depot DRS09/09/1982Ipswich Transport Society
TDB968009Stratford Depot DRS (stored)18/09/1982Alan Costello
TDB968009Left Stratford Depot DRS (stored)12/10/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
TDB968009Stratford Depot (stored)24/10/1982Rail Mar 83 Page 44
TDB968009Stratford Depot (stored)15/12/1982Rail Mar 83 Page 45
TDB968009Stratford Depot (stored)29/12/1982Kevin Law
TDB968009Stratford Depot (stored)22/01/1983Kevin Law
TDB968009Stratford Depot (stored)12/02/1983Guy Vincent
TDB968009Lincoln Avoiding Line21/02/1983Steve Webster
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)19/03/1983Mark Cook
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)23/04/1983Howard Bolton
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)16/10/1983Rail Mar 1984 page 17
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)13/01/1984Rail Sep 1984 Page 29
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)13/01/1984Paul Green
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)26/02/1984Simeon Gaskell
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)15/04/1984Roy Hennefer
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)27/04/1984Lawrie Bowles
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)22/07/1984Simeon Gaskell
TDB968009Healey Mills Yard (stored)11/08/1984Guy Tritton