DB968008 (ex D5054 – 24054)

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Possibly the first Class 24 to reach Penzance was DB968008. It is pictured at Ponsandane Carriage Sidings on 13th November 1976 were it was used for carriage heating duties   David Plimmer

DB968008 (by then numbered ADB968008) at Newton Abbot on 23rd February 1980   Tony Willmore

Converted to ETS generating unit in 1976 for use on the Western Region. Initially it was used at Penzance before moving to Plymouth on 9th May 1977 and finally Newton Abbot in September 1977. In August 1982 it moved to the GE area of the Eastern Region. Initially it was located at Stratford before moving to Cambridge. By late December 1982 it was in store at March from where it was sold for preservation the following year.

Sightings for DB968008

LocoLocationDateSeen by
As 24054Laira Depot05/10/1976RO 12/76
DB968008Long Rock Depot Penzance16/10/1976Roger Winnen
DB968008Penzance (Ponsandane CS)07/11/1976Roger Winnen
DB968008Penzance (Ponsondane CS)13/11/1976Dave Plimmer
DB968008Penzance (Ponsandane CS)06/02/1977Roger Winnen
DB968008Laira Depot25/06/1977Edward Barnes
DB968008Laira Depot22/08/1977Peter Hall
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot05/03/1978p.187 5/78 RO
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot29/04/1978Paul Green
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot26/07/1978Mister C
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot31/03/1979p.267 7/79 RO
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot07/04/1979Paul Green
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot01/07/1979p.403 10/79 RO
DB968008Newton Abbot Depot24/12/1979Rob Stpne
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot23/02/1980Tony Willmore
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot23/02/1980Paul Green
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot09/04/1980Martyn Hilbert
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot21/07/1980Kevin Law
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot14/08/1980Roy Hennefer
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot29/11/1980Kevin Law
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot06/06/1981Kevin Law
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot (Photo)17/07/1981Rail Nov 84 page 4
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot (photo)01/08/1981Ian McDonald
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot21/08/1981Roy Hennefer
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot30/08/1981Mark Sutton
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot17/11/1981Steve Webster
ADB968008Newton Abbot Depot17/08/1982Alan Ledwick
ADB968008Arrived at Stratford Depot by 26/08/1982Ipswich Transport Society
ADB968008Entered Stratford Depot DRS06/09/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968008Stratford Depot DRS18/09/1982Alan Costello
ADB968008Departed Stratford Depot DRS12/10/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968008Stratford Depot16/10/1982Mister C research
ADB968008Moved in formation of 9G82 Thornton Fields to Cambridge21/10/1982Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968008Cambridge Depot30/10/82Mister C research
ADB968008Cambridge Depot27/11/1982Peter Hall
ADB968008 Shunted from Cambridge Carriage Sidings to Cambridge Yard 01/12/1982Mister C research
ADB968008 Moved Cambridge to Whitemoor Yard in morning freight headed by 37193+31218 03/12/1982Mister C research
ADB968008March Depot (stored)28/12/1982Steve Webster
ADB968008March Depot (stored)15/01/1983Rail May 83 Page 51
ADB968008March Depot (stored)23/01/1983Kevin Law
ADB968008March Depot (stored)09/07/1983Kevin Law