DB968001 (ex D8233)

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DB968001 at Kirkcaldy on 25th October 1971.   Norman Blackburn

DB968001 at Haymarket Depot, Edinburgh during 1972.   Bill Roberton

Converted to an ETS generating unit in 1969. Although very much associated with the GN & GE areas no sightings of it on home ground before 1973 have yet appeared. It is known to have first seen use at Neville Hill before moving to Scotland in the summer of 1971. It stayed in Scotland for just over a year and was most commonly sighted at Haymarket Depot where it is reported to have been used for staff instruction on the new Mark IId air-conditioned carriages then being introduced on East Coast Main Line services. It did also though spend some time at Craigentinny Carriage Sidings. Most notable was that in late October 1971 it was used as part of an exhibition train formed DB968001+E5694+E5695+E13571+M2821+Cinema Coach (number not known) that was used to promote to the public the new stock then being introduced. The train is known to have been exhibited at Edinburgh, Dunfermline Lower, Kirkcaldy, Dundee and Aberdeen and possibly other locations. Further details of this event would be very much welcomed.

By mid 1973 it had moved to the GN area where it remained until transferred to the GE area in 1978. By early 1983 it was out of use at Stratford depot. On 21st February 1983 it was viewed at 11:20 on the Lincoln avoiding line in a consist hauled by 31xxx and comprising ADB968001, ADB968009, 25214, 40025 and a standard 20t Brake Van en-route from Stratford to Healey Mills Yard.

ADB968001 entered preservation in 1984 and was initially located at South Yorkshire Railway then located at Chapeltown, South Yorkshire. It has been located at several different locations since.

Sightings for DB968001

LocoLocationDateSeen by
As D8233Doncaster works21/08/1969Tom Dovey
DB968001Haymarket Depot29/06/1971p.283 8/71 RO
DB968001Haymarket Depot05/09/1971Bob Stone
DB968001Haymarket Depot27/09/1971RCTS RO 1/72 p10
DB968001Haymarket Depot04/10/1971Ian Addison
DB968001Upside Dock, Kirkcaldy Station25/10/1971Ian Addison
DB968001Dundee West Goods Yard29/10/1971RO 1972 page 20
DB968001Haymarket Depot01/04/1972Howard Bolton
DB968001Haymarket Depot28/05/1972Stuart Hookins (Class 15 Preservation Society)
DB968001Haymarket Station At 20.2007/07/1972Bob Stone
DB968001Haymarket Depot08/07/1972Bob Stone
DB968001Haymarket Station At 20.2009/07/1972Bob Stone
DB968001Haymarket Depot09/07/1972Bob Stone
DB968001Haymarket Depot23/07/1972Keith Gunner
DB968001Haymarket Depot25/07/1972Keith Gunner
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot30/12/1972Phil Hawkins
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot10/02/193Phil Hawkins
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot17/09/1973Norman Preedy
DB968001Holloway Carriage Sidings20/10/1973Alan Ledwick
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot16/12/1973Keith Gunner
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot18/02/1974p.131 4/74 RO
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot03/03/1974Graham Taylor
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot15/04/1974Bob Stone
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot19/04/1974Keith Gunner
DB968001Holloway Carriage Sidings21/07/1974Lewis Bevan
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot16/02/1975Graham Taylor
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot04/10/1976Paul Green
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot17/11/1976Peter Hall
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot21/11/1976Graham Mortimore (Class 15 Preservation Society)
DB968001Bounds Green Depot27/11/1976Peter Hall
DB968001Finsbury Park Depot19/03/1977Archives (Class 15 Preservation Society)
ADB968001Finsbury Park Depot02/07/1977Tony Willmore
ADB968001Bounds Green Depot14/08/1977Malcolm Best
ADB968001Bounds Green Depot23/08/1977Peter Hall
ADB968001Finsbury Park Depot08/10/1977Julian Ogle
ADB968001Holloway carriage sidings12/11/1977Paul Green
ADB968001Holloway Carriage Sidings19/11/1977p.69 2/78 RO
ADB968001Stratford Depot03/06/1978Kevin Luke
ADB968001Stratford Depot03/07/1978Jerry Glover
ADB968001Stratford Depot12/08/1978Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot08/12/1978Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot10/02/1979Paul Green
ADB968001Colchester Depot11/02/1979p.205 5/79 RO
ADB968001Colchester Depot24/02/1979Graham Taylor
ADB968001Colchester Depot25/03/1979Kevin Law
ADB968001Colchester Depot22/04/1979Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot28/05/1979Andrew Dodgson
ADB968001Colchester Depot14/07/1979Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot17/07/1979Andrew Dodgson
ADB968001Colchester Depot28/07/1979Richard Boyd
ADB968001Colchester Depot14/08/1979Alan Ledwick
ADB968001Colchester Depot19/08/1979Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot31/08/1979Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot10/10/1979Andrew Dodgson
ADB968001Colchester Depot17/11/1979Paul Green
ADB968001Colchester Depot11/01/1980Andrew Dodgson
ADB968001Colchester Depot29/03/1980Kevin Law
ADB968001Colchester Depot13/04/1980Colin Tolley
ADB968001Colchester Depot28/04/1980RM Page 400 Aug 1980
ADB968001Colchester Depot01/05/1980Martyn Hilbert
ADB968001Colchester Depot03/05/1980Kevin Watson
ADB968001Colchester Depot27/05/1980Andrew Dodgson
ADB968001Colchester Depot14/09/1980Mister C
ADB968001Colchester Depot25/09/1980Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Colchester Depot27/09/1980Paul Green
ADB968001Stratford Depot11/10/1980RO 01/81
ADB968001Entered Stratford DRS21/10/1980Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968001Departed Stratford DRS28/11/1980Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968001Entered Stratford DRS02/12/1980Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968001Departed Stratford DRS08/12/1980Great Eastern Railway Society
ADB968001Stratford Depot13/12/1980Kevin Davies
ADB968001Stratford Depot04/04/1981Kevin Law
ADB968001Stratford Depot24/05/1981Martin Barnsdall
ADB968001Stratford Works (Open Day)11/07/1981Edward Barnes
ADB968001Stratford Depot27/07/1981Ed Mann
ADB968001Stratford Depot19/09/1981K. Cooke
ADB968001Stratford Depot11/10/1981Archive (Class 15 Preservation Society)
ADB968001Norwich Depot28/10/1981Peter Heath
ADB968001Norwich Depot05/12/1981Paul Green
ADB968001Stratford Depot14/01/1982Rail Apl 82 Page 51
ADB968001Stratford Depot04/02/1982Rail May 82 Page 49
ADB968001Stratford Depot20/06/1982Rail-Online.co.uk (photo)
ADB968001Stratford Depot15/08/1982Kevin Law
ADB968001Stratford Depot10/09/1982Graham Causer
ADB968001Stratford Depot18/09/1982Alan Costello
ADB968001Stratford Depot13/11/1982Steve Webster
ADB968001Stratford Depot15/12/1982Rail Mar 83 Page 45
ADB968001Stratford Depot29/12/1982Kevin Law
ADB968001Stratford Depot22/01/1983Kevin Law
ADB968001Stratford Depot12/02/1983Guy Vincent
ADB968001Lincoln Avoiding Line21/02/1983Steve Webster
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)26/02/1983R. Sanders
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)19/03/1983Mark Cook
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)23/04/1983Howard Bolton
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)15/05/1983Peter Birchill
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)16/10/1983Rail Mar 1984 page 17
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)13/01/1984Rail Sep 1984 Page 29
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)13/01/1984Paul Green
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)26/02/1984Simeon Gaskell
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)15/04/1984Roy Hennefer
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)27/04/1984Lawrie Bowles
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)26/06/1984Gavin Morrison
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored) (Purchased by Class 15 Society)18/07/1984Rail Sep 1984 Page 23
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)22/07/1984Simeon Gaskell
ADB968001Healey Mills Yard (stored)11/08/1984Guy Tritton
ADB968001South Yorkshire Railway, Chapeltown04/11/1984Les Nixon
ADB968001East Lancashire Railway, Bury09/04/1988Ian Dobson (Class 15 Preservation Society)
ADB968001Mangapps Farm Railway Museum21/01/1990Peter Hall
ADB968001Crewe Heritage Centre05/04/1994Ian Dobson (Class 15 Preservation Society)
ADB968001Crewe Heritage Centre30/03/1996Brian Cuttell
ADB968001Crewe Heritage Centre14/08/2000Ian Dobson (Class 15 Preservation Society)