Sightings for Locomotives numbered D6121

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Sightings for Locomotives numbered D6122

Loco Location Date Seen by
D6121 St Rollox Shed, Glasgow 22/04/1962 Roy Hennefer
D6121 Eastfield Depot 04/07/1963 Andrew Lait
D6121 St Rollox Works, Glasgow 15/08/1963 Oct 1963 Page 143 British Locomotive Society Mag
D6121 St.Rollox (carriage shed between works & shed +D6101) 04/10/1964 Dave Hunt
D6121 St. Rollox Works, Glasgow 22/05/1965 p.64 Roger Harris pt5
D6121 St. Rollox Works, Glasgow 29/05/1965 p.234 7/65 RO
D6121 St. Rollox Works, Glasgow (paint shop) 05/06/1965 p.64 Roger Harris pt5
D6121 Inverurie Works Yard 22/06/1965 Rob Stone
D6121 Inverurie Works 10/08/1965 David Bromley (British Locomotive Society visit)
D6121 Inverurie Works 02/09/1965 p.369 11/65 RO
D6121 Edinburgh Princess Street Gardens 19/03/1966 Stephen Hall
D6121 St. Rollox Depot, Glasgow 25/06/1966 A Ledwick
D6121 Glasgow Buchanan Street Station 23/07/1966 Les Wheeler
D6121 Perth Depot 25/07/1966 Les Wheeler
D6121 en-route Inverness to Dunfermline 26/07/1966 Les Wheeler
D6121 Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot 29/07/1966 Les Wheeler
D6121 Dundee Depot 31/07/1966 David Mant
D6121 Stirling 06/08/1966 David Bromley
D6121 Eastfield Shed 27/05/1967 Roy Hennefer
D6121 Eastfield Depot 30/07/1967 C. Greedus
D6121 Eastfield Depot 13/08/1967 S.Marshall (me)
D6121 Edinburgh Waverley 24/08/1967 Ian Cotter
D6121 In traffic Eastfield 17/09/1967 p.423 12/67 RO
D6121 Eastfield Depot 28/07/1968 Peter Martin
D6121 Inverurie Works 28/08/1968 Clive Greedus
D6121 Polmadie Depot 14/08/1969 Ian Osborne
D6121 St. Rollox Works, Glasgow 28/08/1968 Ian Osborne
D6121 Eastfield Depot 05/07/1970 Chris Coates
D6121 Dundee Depot 06/07/1970 Chris Coates


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