Class 24 D5005 / D5025 identity swap

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Often mentioned is the fact that all pictures taken of Class 24 D5025-5025-24025 after early 1969 show it to have body characteristics consistent with D5000-D5019 as built but not D5020-D5029 as built. It is clear from research done by others that this can be easily explained with supporting photographic evidence. Thus, what appears here is a brief resume.

D5005 was withdrawn in January 1969 and was moved to Derby Works. At about this time D5025 suffered some mishap and was also sent to Derby Works. Both were seen at Derby Works on 9th February 1969 by Philip Cartwright who noted both were incomplete.  It would appear that it was decided to make one 'good one' from the pair and that would become 5025. The body shell used was clearly though that from D5005. A photograph exists of D5025 under overhaul in Derby Works erecting shop during 1969. The locomotive is in two-tone green livery, a livery carried by D5005 but not apparently D5025. All identifiable body characteristics also suggest it is one of D5000-D5019, in fact some are only associated with D5000-D5006, rather that D5020-D5029. Mention is made in visit reports to Derby Works during 1969 of a body shell without numbers presumed to be D5005. It is not clear when the completed 5025 left Derby Works, observations of it made during 1969 might help, but it is presumed that the body shell that remained, and was eventually scrapped, did not carry a number or if it did the identity D5005 had been applied.

A more detailed analysis can be found at D5025, 5025, 24025, An unfinished investigation...........possibly now answered?

Any further comments would be welcomed by Peter Hall.  Also, observations made of D5005 and D5025/5025 could proof useful in narrowing down the precise period when the identity swap took place.

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