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Landore allocatted Class 37 D6931 pictured carrying a Central Wales line headlight whilst still in green livery. The date and location of the photograph isn't known. Cyril Crawley / RCTS Photographic archive

The January 1969 edition of 'The Railway Observer' (p.18), states that a new allocation list of locomotives issued in October 1968  shows 6931 as fitted with a headlight.  Subsequently the July 1970 edition of 'The Railway Observer' (p.225) records that it had been removed.   However,  the WR stock allocation Sheets record removal as taking place on 16/3/74 suggesting that the headlight was refitted at some point.

Locomotive Date Reference
6931 5/6/71 Rail Online 251491321 -'The Heart of Wales' railtour at Craven Arms
6931 18/8/71 p.627 11/71 RM


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