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First allocated to Corkerhill in August 1960. Transferred to Hamilton in January 1963 from where it was withdrawn in March 1967. This was the first ‘D’ numbered Class 06 to be withdrawn.

Sightings for D2441

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2441Paisley07/06/1961Roger Smith
D2441Corkerhill Depot13/08/1961Edward Irvine 8441
D2441Corkerhill Depot08/01/1962Dave Hird
D2441Corkerhill Depot22/04/1962Roy Hennefer
D2441Corkerhill23/04/1962Robin Lush
D2441Corkerhill Depot14/07/1962Roger Smith
D2441Corkerhill Depot16/09/1962Edward Irvine 8441
D2441Hamilton West03/06/1963Brian Swinn
D2441Hamilton Depot07/07/1963Andrew Lait
D2441Hamilton Depot11/04/1964David Lewis
D2441Polmadie Depot04/10/1964David Hunt
D2441Buchanan Street Station10/07/1966
D2441Buchanan Street Station11/07/1966
D2441Buchanan Street Station13/07/1966
D2441Buchanan Street station14/07/1966Ian lander
D2441Buchanan street station16/07/1966Ian lander
D2441Buchanan Street Station20/07/1966Ian lander
D2441Cowlairs27/08/1966Robert Warburton
D2441St. Rollox Works, Glasgow27/05/1967Roy Hennefer
D2441Carlisle Kingmoor Depot13/08/1967Mike Martin
D2441Carlisle Kingmoor Depot19/08/1967Philip Cartwright
D2441Carlisle Kingmoor Depot09/09/1967Roy Dean
D2441Ais Gill14/09/1967photo
D2441Culgaith15/09/1967Colour-Rail archive
D2441Slag Reduction Company, Ickles, Rotherham14/10/1967RO 1968 Page 10
D2441Slag Reduction Company, Ickles, Rotherham15/10/1967Adrian Booth