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D2420 at Ferryhill, 13th August 1968   David Mant

  First allocated to Kittybrewster in February 1959. Transferred to Aberdeen Ferryhill in September 1967. It was transferred to Polmadie in June 1971, Eastfield in March 1972, Dunfermline Townhill in March 1979 and Dundee in October 1980 from where it was withdrawn in April 1981 when the Harbour duty ceased. It subsequently moved to Reading where it was renumbered 97804. Reputedly it was intended for use at the Signal Works although only three sightings of it there have so far been submitted, these being in 1982 & 1983. Although reputedly rarely used at the Signal Works, lack of sightings elsewhere at that time suggests it may have actually seen regular use at the Works for at least 18 months. Thus, sightings in 1982, 1983 & 1984 of this locomotive are particularly sought. Following use at the Signal Works it spent time in store at Reading Depot and Old Oak Common Depot before being disposed of for scrap. Fortunately it was retreived from the scrapyard and has now been preserved.

D2420 at Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot on 8th June 1971 Keith Gunner   Keith Gunner

D2420 from the front at Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot on 8th June 1971   Keith Gunner

06003 stabled at Markinch on 23rd August 1980, this duty finished a few moths later. Adrian Booth

Evidence that 97804 did actually see use at Reading Signal Works is this photograph taken there on 22nd July 1982   Nick Leverton

97804 awaits its fate in the Rotherham scrapyard of C. F. Booth on 8th January 1987 Adrian Booth

Cl 06 No. 06 003 at the South Yorkshire Railway, Meadowhall, Sheffield on 20th April 1995  

06003 visited the Battlefield Railway in 1997 and saw passenger use on 30th & 31st May during a Scottish themed diesel gala. It is pictured arriving at Shenton heading the 14:00 from Shakerstone on 30th May 1997.   Tony Zayachkivsky

06003 visited the Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry during 2012. It was photographed there on 29th August.   Tony Zayachkivsky

Sightings for D2420

LocoLocationDateSeen by
D2420Cowlairs Works, Glasgow12/02/1959RO 1959 page 99
D2420Kitttybrewster Depot (Photo)16/05/1959RO 1959 page 255
D2420Inverurie13/06/1960Colour-Rail archive
D2420Inverurie Works15/07/1960Andrew Lait
D2420Kittybrewster Depot23/04/1962Roy Hennefer
D2420Kittybrewster Depot24/04/1962Dave Hird
D2420Kittybrewster Depot10/07/1962Roger Smith
D2420Kittybrewster Depot02/08/1962Ian Ward
D2420Aberdeen Docks04/11/1962K. Fenwick
D2420Inverurie Works15/04/1963Robin Lush
D2420Inverurie Works17/04/1963Ian Ward
D2420Kittybrewster Depot01/06/1963Brian Swinn
D2420Inverurie Works30/07/1964Ian Lander
D2420Inverurie Works12/08/1964Charles Taylor
D2420Inverurie Works17/04/1965A Ledwick
D2420Inverurie Works19/04/1965Roy Hennefer
D2420Inverurie Works22/06/1965Bob Stone
D2420Kittybrewster Depot22/06/1965Bob Stone
D2420Kittybrewster Depot02/08/1965Bob Wallen
D2420Kittybrewster Depot08/08/1965Roy Hennefer
D2420Inverurie Works09/04/1966Alan Ledwick
D2420Inverurie Works12/04/1966Roy Hennefer
D2420Inverurie Works20/07/1966Ian Lander
D2420Inverurie Works28/05/1967Roy Hennefer
D2420Inverurie Works22/08/1967Philip Cartwright
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot11/09/1967roy dean
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot30/07/1968Robert Warburton
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot28/08/1968RO 1968 Page 403
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot28/08/1968Robert Warburton
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot12/08/1969Dave Mant
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot27/08/1969Adrian Booth, Philip Cartwright
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot27/03/1970Howard Bolton
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot28/03/1970Railway Locomotives 1970 Page 43
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot31/07/1970RO 1970 page 381
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot10/04/1971Howard Bolton
D2420Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot08/06/1971Keith Gunner
D2420Polmadie Depot11/07/1971Charles Taylor
D2420Polmadie Depot26/07/1971Robert Warburton
D2420Polmadie Depot07/08/1971Keith Hacker
D2420Polmadie Depot05/09/1971Bob Stone
D2420Polmadie Depot02/04/1972Howard Bolton
D2420Polmadie Depot15/04/1972Carey Vessey
D2420Polmadie Depot23/04/1972John Woolley
D2420St. Rollox Works, Glasgow29/05/1972Stewart Hookins
D2420Eastfield Depot09/07/1972Bob Stone
D2420Eastfield Depot11/07/1972Bob Stone
D2420Eastfield Depot16/07/1972Keith Gunner
D2420Eastfield Depot15/08/1972Adrian Booth
D2420Eastfield Depot18/08/1972Ian Addison
D2420Eastfield Depot24/08/1972Guy Tritton
D2420Eastfield Depot19/11/1972RO 1973 page 28
D2420Gourock08/08/1973Rob Aston
D2420Eastfield Depot07/09/1973Alastair
D2420Eastfield Depot11/09/1973Alastair
D2420Eastfield Depot15/09/1973Guy Tritton
06003Gourock10/08/1974Robert Warburton
D2420Eastfield Depot17/08/1974Rob Stpne
D2420Eastfield Depot18/08/1974Bob Stone
06003Eastfield Depot18/08/1974Bob Stone
06003Eastfield Depot20/08/1974Dave Hunt
06003Eastfield Depot26/08/1974Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot31/08/1974Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot03/09/1974Alastair
06003Eastfield Depot10/09/1974Bob Stone
06003Eastfield Depot27/09/1974Guy Tritton
06003Eastfield Depot12/10/1974Paul Green
06003Eastfield Depot09/03/1975Peter Hall
06003Eastfield Depot22/03/1975Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot30/03/1975Edward Irvine (8441)
06003Eastfield Depot31/03/1975Nigel Sporne
06003Whifflet junction22/06/1975jerry glover
06003Eastfield Depot02/08/1975Tom Bartlett
06003Polmadie Depot02/08/1975Tom Bartlett
06003Polmadie Depot09/08/1975Alan Donaldson
06003Polmadie Depot09/08/1975Charles Taylor
06003Polmadie Depot24/08/1975Guy Tritton
06003Eastfield Depot31/08/1975Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot05/09/1975Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot24/06/1976Guy Tritton
06003Eastfield Depot14/08/1976Guy Tritton
06003St. Rollox Works, Glasgow29/08/1976Peter Hall
06003St. Rollox Works, Glasgow25/09/1976Peter Hall
06003St. Rollox Works, Glasgow02/10/1976RO 1976 page 411
06003St. Rollox Works, Glasgow20/11/1976Stewart Hookins
06003Glasgow Works20/11/1976Tom Bartlett
06003Eastfield Depot08/04/1977RO 1977 page 208
06003Eastfield Depot16/04/1977Tom Bartlett 15937
06003Eastfield Depot30/04/1977Mark Nicholls
06003Eastfield Depot21/05/1977Tony Willmore
06003Eastfield Depot06/06/1977The Midlander 4 p.40
06003Eastfield Depot10/06/1977Lewis Bevan
06003Eastfield Depot26/07/1977Carey Vessey
06003Eastfield Depot19/08/1977Peter Hall
06003Eastfield Depot24/08/1977Peter Hall
06003Eastfield Depot29/08/1977Paul Green
06003Eastfield Depot (stored)10/09/1977RO 1977 Page 383
06003Eastfield Depot01/10/1977Paul Green
06003Eastfield Depot27/10/1977Alan Turton
06003Eastfield Depot03/12/1977 
06003Eastfield Depot05/02/1978Brian Daniels
06003Eastfield Depot27/03/1978Paul Green
06003Eastfield Depot08/04/1978RO 1978 page 224
06003Eastfield Depot29/04/1978Mark Nichols
06003Eastfield Depot24/06/1978Tom Bartlett 15937
06003Eastfield Depot05/08/1978Brian Cuttell
06003Eastfield Depot28/08/1978Paul Green
06003Eastfield Depot09/09/1978Carey Vessey
06003Glasgow Works16/12/1978David Wilson
06003Markinch00/06/1979Colour-Rail archive
06003Kirkcaldy05/07/1979Jim Ramsay
06003Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath24/07/1979Paul Green
06003Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath27/07/1979Brian Daniels
06003Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath28/07/1979Brian Cuttell
06003Markinch06/08/1979Robert Warburton
06003Markinch05/09/1979Robert Warburton
06003Markinch10/09/1979John Redgate
06003Markinch24/11/1979Paul Green
06003Dunfermline Townhill Depot, Halbeath05/04/1980Peter Hall
06003Markinch19/05/1980Bruce Galloway
06003Markinch19/06/1980Bruce Galloway
06003Markinch08/08/1980Bruce Galloway
06003Markinch12/08/1980Peter Calderley
06003Markinch23/08/1980Adrian Booth
06003Markinch07/09/1980Trevor Davis
060038M13 Carlisle-Toton03/03/1981Rail Jan 1984 page 17
060030530 Toton-Acton Yard04/03/1981 
06003Wellingborough @ 16:08 in formation of up freight headed by 4505804/03/1981m kilpin
060030035 Acton Yard-Swindon05/03/1981 
06003Reading Depot12/03/1981RO 1981 page 170
06003Reading Depot28/03/1981Stewart Hookins
06003Reading Depot14/04/1981Rail Jan 1984 page 16
06003Reading Depot18/04/1981Paul Green
97804Reading Depot02/08/1981Kevin Law
97804Reading Depot21/08/1981Stewart Hookins
97804Reading Depot24/08/1981Stewart Hookins
97804Reading Depot03/10/1981Keith Gunner
97804Reading Depot15/11/1981Martyn Hilbert
97804Reading10/04/1982Rail July 82 Page 48
97804Reading Signal Works08/05/1982Andrew Dodgson
97804Reading Signal Works11/06/1982Keith Gunner
97804Reading Signal Works22/07/1982Nick Leverton
97804Reading Signal Works09/10/1983Bob Foster
97804Reading Depot12/11/1983Rail Jan 1984 page 17
97804Reading Signal Works10/02/1984Mike Kennard
97804Reading Depot03/08/1984Chris Larkin
97804Reading Depot31/08/1984Keith Gunner
97804Reading10/10/1984Stewart Hookins
97804Reading Depot12/01/1985Andrew Dodgson
97804Reading Depot12/01/1985Paul Green
97804Reading Depot (open day)01/06/1985 
97804Reading Depot06/07/1985Paul Green
97804Reading Depot28/07/1985Paul Green
97804Reading Depot02/08/1985Paul Green
97804Reading Depot31/08/1985Dave Franks
97804Old Oak Common Depot15/09/1985Dennis Graham
97804Old Oak Common Depot15/09/1985Ian Lander
97804Old Oak Common Depot11/04/1986Simeon Gaskell
97804Old Oak Common Depot15/06/1986Edward Barnes
97804Old Oak Common Depot23/06/1986John Lodge
97804Old Oak Common Depot28/06/1986Ian Lander
97804Old Oak Common Depot22/09/1986John Lodge
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham09/10/1986Rail 1986 page 59
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham17/10/1986Adrian Booth
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham31/10/1986Adrian Booth
97804C .F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham16/11/1986Brian Cuttell
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham31/12/1986Adrian Booth
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham08/01/1987IRS 3BRD, Adrian Booth
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham22/01/1987Adrian Booth
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham01/02/1987Brian Cuttell
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham19/02/1987Adrian Booth
97804C. F. Booth scrapyard, Rotherham05/03/1987Adrian Booth
97804South Yorks RPS, Attercliffe10/03/1987Adrian Booth
97804South Yorks RPS Attercliffe23/07/1988Brian Cuttell
97804South Yorks RPS Meadowhall27/08/1989Brian Cuttell
97804South Yorks RPS Meadowhall28/05/1990Brian Cuttell
D2420BR Tinsley depot open day29/09/1990Brian Cuttell
06003South Yorkshire RPS, Meadowhall29/08/1992John Lodge
06003South Yorkshire RPS, Meadowhall20/04/1995RCTS Photo Archive HU04489
06003South Yorkshire RPS, Meadowhall27/04/1996John Lodge
06003South Yorks RPS Meadowhall25/08/1996Brian Cuttell
06003Crewe Electric (open day)03/05/1997John Lodge
06003Shackerstone working 1400 Shackersone- Shenton and return30/05/1997Tony Zayachkivsky
06003Shackerstone working 1235 Shackersone- Shenton and return31/05/1997Tony Zayachkivsky
06003Barrow Hill Engine Shed06/10/2002John Lodge
06003Widdrington Disposal Point13/09/2003IRS 6BRD
D2420Barrow Hill Engine Shed05/04/2008Gray Wilson
06003Peak Rail, Rowsley24/05/2009Brian Cuttell
06003Peak Rail, Rowsley31/07/2011Gray Wilson
06003Manchester Museum of Science and29/08/2012Tony Zayachkivsky
06003Peak Rail, Rowsley21/09/2014Brian Cuttell