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First allocated to Kittybrewster in January 1959. Transferred to Leith Central in May 1967 from where it was withdrawn in January 1969.

Sightings for D2419

Loco Location Date Seen by
D2419 Cowlairs Works, Glasgow 27/01/1959 RO 1959 page 99
D2419 Aberdeen 15/07/1960 Andrew Lait
D2419 Inverurie Works 06/06/1961 Roger Smith
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 23/04/1962 Roy Hennefer
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 24/04/1962 Dave Hird
D2419 Inverurie Works 15/04/1963 Robin Lush
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 17/04/1963 Ian Ward
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 01/06/1963 Brian Swinn
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 05/10/1963 Robin Lush
D2419 Inverurie Works 30/07/1964 Ian Lander
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 12/08/1964 Charles Taylor
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 15/08/1964 Bob Stone
D2419 Elgin Depot 21/11/1964 Roy Hennefer
D2419 Keith 17/04/1965 Alan Ledwick
D2419 Keith Depot 19/04/1965 Roy Hennefer
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 02/08/1965 Bob Wallen
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 08/08/1965 Roy Hennefer
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 09/04/1966 Alan Ledwick
D2419 Kittybrewster Depot 07/07/1966 Trevor Davis
D2419 Inverurie Works 28/05/1967 Roy Hennefer
D2419 Leith Central Depot 10/09/1967 Roy Dean
D2419 Leith Central Depot 04/11/1967 Peter Martin
D2419 South Leith Yard 10/03/1968 Peter Martin
D2419 Leith Central Depot 25/05/1968 Alan Turton
D2419 South Leith Yard 30/06/1968 RO 1968 Page 295
D2419 South Leith Yard 27/07/1968 Peter Martin
D2419 South Leith Yard 10/08/1968 Mike Martin
D2419 South Leith Yard 29/08/1968 David Compton / Robert Pritchard, Worcester Locomotive Society
D2419 Leith Central Depot 12/01/1969 Philip Cartwright
D2419 Leith Central Depot 19/04/1969 Peter Martin


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