Final Disposal of Class 33/2 D6588 - 33203

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Following disposal by BR in 1992 this locomotive had several owners and made several moves before ending up in storage at MoD Smalmstown, Longtown, Cumbria in 2001. Following several years storage at MoD Smalmstown it acquired a new owner and departed by road to Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway on 25th July 2005. What then became of it had been unclear, but following extensive enquiries in Newton Stewart the following has been established.

The actual destination of 33203 in Newton Stewart was Barnkirk Industrial Estate, Barnkirk Road (NX 402649) where it was offloaded. This is actually on former railway land including the site of the former Newton Stewart locomotive depot. At the time there were proposals to convert the former locomotive depot building into a restaurant with 33203 the intended gate guardian.

33203 arrives by road at Newton Stewart on 25th July 2005.   Peter Jeal


33203 being unloaded at Newton Stewart on 25th July 2005.   Peter Jeal


Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the restaurant scheme did not come to fruition but 33203 remained on the site until May 2006 when it was scrapped were it stood. Scrapping was undertaken by Halliday Skip Hire, a local scrap company based in Palnackie near Castle Douglas. They have also been quoted as having premises in Stranraer and Dumfries with the scrap from 33203 possibly going to the latter. This company was also responsible for scrapping internal user wagons 096003 and 096004 at Stranraer in December 1982.

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