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Little is known about these two vans which were condemned in the early 1970’s. They could though confuse the casual observer as on one side they resembled a passenger carrying coach with five full size windows. On the other side there were no windows other than door droplights. Precisely which commodities were intended to be conveyed is not clear but the description suggests dairy products. In their later lives they were in use for general parcels carrying.

Built: 1938 Lot number: 1156 Diagram: 2002 Total: 2
Number Withdrawn Disposal
38998 1972 Despatched from Chaddesden Yard to Slag Reduction Company, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire 4/1/73.
38999 1970 Despatched to J. MacWilliam, Shettleston, Glagsow, c10/70.


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