1980 Exhibition Trains

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FebruaryS38736M, S38744M, S38745M, S99600, S99608, S99609, S99610, S99620Fairs Klong
MarchS38745M, S99601, S99602, S99620Rockware
AprilS99622, S99623, S99624, S99625, S99630, S99631Yamaha
AprilS38736M, S38741M, S99601, S99602, S99620Linotype Paul
AprilM1500, M3108, S38745M Esso
MayS99621, S99622, S99623, S99624, S99625, S99630, ZDB975403Invicta 150
MayS38736M, S38745M, S38748M, S99601, S99608, S99609, S99610, S99620Worksafe
JuneM1712, S38741M, S99600, S99601, S99602, S99608, S99620Buzby
JuneS99621, S99622, S99624, S99625, S99630, S99631AES Wordplex
JulyS99621, S99622, S99624, S99625, S99630, S99631, ZDW150353BRB Inter-City
JulyS99621, S99622, S99623, S99624, S99625, S99630, S99631The Age of the Train
AugustS99600, S99602, S99608, S99609, S99610KP Adventure Express