1979 Exhibition Trains

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The “Remarkable Holland” train was sent to Holland for painting at Bergen op Zoom. The vehicles arrived back at Harwich on 14th September.

FebruaryS99601, S99602, S99610, S99620OsmaDrainAlso S38736/44/45M possibly in the train
AprilS99621, S99622, S99623, S99624, S99625, ZDB975074Great Railway Club Travelling Show
JulyM324, S38736M, S38741M, S38745M, S38748M, S99600, S99602Inter-City Exhibitions
AugustS38736M, S38741M, S38745M, S38748M, S99600, S99620Lever Brothers
SeptemberS99621, S99622, S99623, S99624, S99625, S99630, S99631, ZDB975074Remarkable Holland
SeptemberS38736M, S38741M, S38745M, S38748M, S99620Boulton & Paul
September – OctoberS99600, S99601, S99602, S99608, S99609, S99610Fit for Work
OctoberS38736M, S38745M, S38748M, S99620The Computer Association
NovemberM324, M3115, S99600, S99601, S99602, S99608, S99610, S99620Hornby Hobbies