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The "Locomotion '74" Exhibition was held at Carnforth between 11th and 26th August. The brochure indicates that a three coach Electrification Exhibition Train and a Corporate Image /Great British Investment Exhibition Train were present. The later it says had visited most countries in Europe so is presumed included the 'Continental' set of Exhibition vans. Confirmation of exactly which vehicles were present would be welcomed.

Period Formation Exhibition Notes
August DB975073, DB975074, DW150353 and/or DB975403 - to be confirmed Corporate Image/ Great British Investment "Locomotion '74", Steamtown, Carnforth
August DB975152, DB97153, DB975154 - to be confirmed Electrification "Locomotion '74", Steamtown, Carnforth
September M38745M, M38746M, M38747M, M38748M, M38749M, M81423, M99609 Trainex Building '74 Train Ex
October E145E, M38736M, M38741M, M38744M, M99600, M99601, M99602 Rank Xerox Train Ex


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