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Between 19th May and 2nd June the "Transpo '73" Exhibition was held at No. 6 Dock, Port of Manchester. The Railway Magazine (July 1973 edition) reports that "three-coach exhibition trains featuring respectively "Electrification" and the " Great British Investment" were present. The presumed formations of these are shown below, confirmation would be welcomed.

Period Formation Exhibition Notes
March M38744M, M38747M, M3849M, M38736M, M38746M, M38745M, M38741M Trainex For Building
May DB975073, DB975074, ZDW150353 Great British Investment "Transpo '73", No. 6 Dock, Port of Manchester
May DB975152, DB975153, DB975154 to be confirmed Electrification "Transpo '73", No. 6 Dock, Port of Manchester