1972 Exhibition Trains

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The observations of Exhibition Trains in 1972 to have emerged include all the then recently converted Mark I Exhibition Vans. Observations of other Exhibition Trains in 1972 would be very much welcomed.

Period Formation Exhibition Notes
April M324, M3029, M99602, M99607, M99608, M99609, M99610 CBI Impact
May M99603, M99604, M99605, M99606 ?
May M99601, M38748M, M99600, M387??M, M38747M, M38749M, M38741M, M31374M Holland is Here Train Ex
September DB975073,DB975074, DW150353 A Great British Investment
September M99611, M99612, M38737M, M38742M ?
October M38744M, M38747M, M38749M, M38736M, M38746M, M38745M, M38741M Wiggins Teape


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