Q19.07 – Royal Train at Cowbit

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The photograph shown here was taken during the mid-1950s or early 1960s by signalman Ken Richardson at Cowbit, the first station after Spalding on the Spalding to March line, the GN & GE Joint Line – Doncaster, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding and March.

The only information is that it was the ‘short’ Royal Train as it was conveying the Duke of Edinburgh and the locomotive, 61127, was allocated to Doncaster during the mid-fifties.

Can anyone provide more information, especially the date and the origin/destination of the train? (Graham Broughton: 22198)


The picture depicts a train heading south through Cowbit. It has class A express passenger lamps and does not have the four lamps denoting a Royal Train. I suspect that the picture is of an empty coaching stock (ECS) working returning to Wolverton via Peterborough East and Northampton. I think that Royal Train ECS moves often ran as class A, maybe because Royal Household or Wolverton Works staff were on board. The National Railway Museum (NRM) has an archive of Royal Train documents, examination of the relevant files at York may help to identify the working. (Mark Chaplin)