Q19.06 – Bradford Exchange to London Kings Cross in 1972

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On Table 18 of he Eastern Region dated 1 May 1972 to 6 May 1973 there is shown a service that operated on Saturdays only from 24 June to 2 September 1972, departing Bradford Exchange at 07.43, arriving London Kings Cross at 11.33. The train is shown calling at Halifax 07.57 and Huddersfield 08.19.

In the footnotes, it states that the train runs via Penistone, therefore which route the train used to reach the East Coast Main Line? Was it via Sheffield Victoria and Worksop to Retford or was some other route?(Chris Hollins: 16465)


The Passenger Services over Unusual Lines (PSUL) archive, curated by the Branch Line Society, is the best source for information of this kind. In 1972 0743 Bradford-Kings Cross is listed under Retford North Junction to Whisker Hill Junction so I suspect that the questioner’s conjecture is correct. (Mark Chaplin)