Q19.03 – Motorail Train headed by a Brake Tender

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D51xx+D1xxx Low Fell 2-8-67   Trevor Ermel

When Trevor Ermel took this photograph he had no information about the train, however his subsequent detective work has confirmed the following:
On Wednesday 2nd August 1967, the 07.49 London (Caledonian Road) – Perth Anglo-Scottish Car Carrier Motorail train was photographed on the ECML at Low Fell, Gateshead, headed by a diesel brake tender being propelled by a BR/Sulzer Type 2, which had presumably been sent to rescue the Brush Type 4 that had failed en route. Both locomotives were still in green livery with small yellow warning panels and the coaches were in blue and grey livery. The diesel brake tender was showing the necessary Class 1 headlamps!
Can anyone identify the failed Brush 4 and the hero of the day, the BR/Sulzer Type 2 and was this the only time a diesel brake tender sported Class 1 headlamps? (Malcolm Snowball: .22282)