A number of questions have recently focused on the data needed to make the new Society Modern Traction Database as comprehensive as possible, and it is still hoped to make this resource available to members in the first half of 2024. In recent years comprehensive information has been given in the RO concerning locomotive names but it would seem that for many years the removal of nameplates went unrecorded.  Any dated sightings of locos that have gained or lost names are welcome but on this occasion we are looking specifically at Cl. 40s where there are no dates at all for the removal of the nameplates fitted to D210-25/7-36. Research so far indicates that plates might have started to ‘disappear’ as early as 1970 with, so far, no photos emerging of renumbered Cl. 40s carrying their original plates. Of course early ‘removals’ may have been at the hands of so called enthusiast and have been on one side only but it would appear that at some point an official policy to remove plates was introduced.  By around 1980 some of the batch started to receive hand painted names, these either being in small white lettering or with white letters and a border with a red background. Therefore can members please check their photographs and notes for dates when plates were fitted/no longer fitted post 1968 and then if/when hand painted names, and of which variety, were first recorded on each loco, although it is thought that some appear not to have been so adorned.