Q21.101. LNER Worksplate 8293.

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A photograph of the LNER works plate number 8293 in question is attached.

In the 1960s I naively wrote to BR asking for a works plate and many weeks later a lorry turned up with this ex-loco plate wrapped in newspaper COD (cash on delivery); I think it was about ten shillings.

At the time I had started to collect the RCTS series ‘Locomotives of the LNER’.

From info in Part 5A I assumed the plate was from Hill Class J20 0-6-0 number 64698 (works number 8293) built 1923 and rebuilt 1955 but the plate shows rebuilt in 1928 not 1955.

It is not from Worsdell Class J71 0-6-0T number 68923 as that was a Darlington loco built 1892 works number1196; info from Part 8B.

Stratford built tenders in the range 8140 to 8900 but I’d guess a tender rebuild would not warrant a new works plate; info from Part 10A.

So, the simple question remains: ‘what does it come from?           (David Sharp)