Q21.07. Travelling to Catterick Army Camp.

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At the end of the 1950s a member travelled to Catterick Army Camp in North Yorkshire  with the Combined Cadet Force . Travel was from Rugby Central as far as Sheffield Victoria where the train reversed. Thereafter the train’s route or the destination station cannot be recalled. Can anyone provide the missing pieces of the jigsaw?                    (Alan Paul 21326)

A21.07. Travelling to Catterick Army Camp.

In 1956 and 1964 travel to Catterick from Sheffield Midland members went to Darlington via Doncaster and the ECML. At Darlington some trains would go back to Eryholme Junction for the Richmond branch but some trains needed to split first. Prior to Richmond Bridge the train would go on to the Catterick Military railway to the Camp Centre station. The line went further for goods train purposes. Obviously other routes would sometimes be used.               (Brian Lee: 6255, David Wrottesley: 8794, David Lyall: 10953)