Q20.103. A2 Pacifics at Sheffield Midland.

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As a regular spotter at Sheffield Midland from about 1960 – 64 mostly Saturday Mornings, and depending how early I got there, usually around 9-30, I was greeted on 2 occasions by by an LNER A2 Pacific stood Light Engine adjacent to Platform 5 or 2, and if my memory serves me correctly, on one occasion it was ‘Hycilla’ and the other ‘Dante’, but most occasions it would be a V2 (att pic) they were stood a while then disappeared off to the South, never to be seen again that day, (or at least till about 6-30 pm when my Tea and Sandwiches ran out and my Mum would give me clip for being late in for dinner!) no one has an explanation as to the origins of the working when I ask the question at the meetings I attend.

Although it was noted in a ‘Trains Illustrated’ ‘Motive Power Micellany’ that ‘Hycilla’ had been recorded LE near Dore & Totley on the same day I saw it, but no explanation was given as to the Why and  Wherefore they were there.

I used to visit Millhouses Shed regularly at that time but never saw this working or an LNER engine coming in for servicing.

I am to this day intrigued as to where did they go? They may have worked down to Chesterfield and then reversed on the Dore Triangle on the way and worked back east via the old road, but I used to go spotting at Beighton , as it was a short Bike ride from home and never saw any LE movements of an LNER engine the likes of V2s and A2s.

Can anyone shed some light on this highly unusual event please.

Kind regards

Ted Parker