Q20.03. ERTMS and ETCS.

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Now that we are definately leaving the EU, are there any implications for the installation of the European Rail Tfaffic Management System and the European Traffic Control System, as this was an EU directive? (Max Birchenough: 10893)


The very simple answer is “no”.  We are fully into these systems and NR is at the forefront of development (so much so that it is almost a British produce being used elsewhere!).  It is even a misnomer being called ‘European’ as numerous other countries use the system.  Switzerland, Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Australia are just a few countries outside the EU that use a form of ERTMS.  ERTMS is not an EU directive.  The EU directed ‘Technical Specifications of Interoperability for Control Command and Signalling’, of which ERTMS was the solution developed by the industry.   (Phil Deaves: 20844)