Q18.07 – Lakes Express 1960-62

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Q18.07. Lakes Express 1962. Can anyone supply identities of locomotives hauling the up Lakes Express on Saturday 1st September 1962 for any part of its journey, especially north of Preston? (Simon Rocksborough Smith: 8478)

A member confirms the motive power on 1st September 1962 was Jubilee (5X) 46517 Mauritius from Windermere to Preston where it was replaced by somewhat more suitable Royal Scot 46118 Royal Welch Fusilier. Every Saturday as part of his normal working week at Lancaster Green Ayre Depot (24J) he then used the up “Lakes” as the means to get home to Leyland. 46517 was well overloaded with 16 coaches and had to be banked up Lancaster bank by 24J Fairburn tank 42135. It took an epic 28½ minutes for the 20 mile run (not a stop watch timing). This train was a big one and was always packed out. A couple of weeks previously it was 45364 with 15 on banked by 47479 and the subsequent sound effects up the 1 in 98 out of Castle Station that was enjoyed. (Jeff Mimnagh: 21136)