Q18.04 – Ian Allan Outings from the Southampton Area 1952-53.

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I am currently researching the following rail tour: – Ian Allan Trains Illustrated “Pennine Pullman” of May 12th, 1956. I am trying to identify the stock that made up the rail tour which consisted of 10 vehicles. Seven of the vehicles being Pullman cars, both Kitchen & Parlours, one ex-Devon Belle Observation car and two BR Mk1 coaches, one of which replaced a failed Pullman before departure, and the other added to cover additional seating. One Pullman car has been identified from a photograph, this being “CAR No.166”, a second “CAR No.137” is thought to be part of the formation. I have sourced a copy of the Train Illustrated July 1956 report of the tour, but this does not identify any of the stock within the articles text. My final hope being any report within the “Railway Observer” in the period from the June edition to potentially October 1956. Terry Bye – Membership No.22242.