Q16.08 – Accident-damaged Diesel Locomotives

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Q16.08. Accident Damaged Diesel Locomotives. This is a further selection of damaged diesels from the Colour-Rail collection.

33032 (20th April 1987)    33047 (21st April 1993)   33051 (10th December 1991)
33064 (7th February 1996)  33107 (4th June 1989)     33112 (1989)
37228 (25th December 1979) 37232 (29th January 1978) 37245 (June 1987)
37416 (undated)            37424 (10th July 1994)    37670 (25th November 1987)
Once again there is no record of the place, time or cause of the damage, and any information of a possible occurrence would be helpful.
Paul Chancellor:9408)

33032 was in collision with 47202 at Frome North Junction whilst hauling the 06.55 Yeovil-Cardiff passenger train on 24th March 1987, when it ran head-on into 47202 working 07.08 Westbury-Whatley Quarry, a train of thirty empty private owner stone wagons. 33032 had departed Frome on a green signal but 47202 ran past its signal protecting Frome North Jct at danger and the collision occurred. 33032 was temporarily stored in sidings at Frome West stone terminal until it was made fit to move and dragged back to Eastleigh on 4th June 1987 where it was later broken up.
33047 was damaged on 21st December 1992, after the sand train from Cliffe ran away on the Grain branch approaching Hoo Junction. The locomotive was pushed into a sand drag and the rear cab was damaged by the following wagons. Moved on 22nd January 1993 to Eastleigh, withdrawn 12th February 1993 but stored in a siding close to the main line towards the station for some time prior to disposal at Eastleigh in 1997. 33051 was involved in an accident at Foster Yeoman’s yard, Grain on 17th October 1991, hitting a lorry on a crossing. It was repaired at Eastleigh, using many parts from the recently overhauled, but accident damaged, 33009. 33063, which had been coupled behind 33051, was undamaged.
33064 was standing at the down platform starting signal at Lingfield station on 4th April 1994 when 4-VEP 3513, which had rolled back from Dormans, struck the locomotive. The crew managed to jump clear but the cab was crushed and the locomotive was pushed back 400 yards. On 16th/07July 1994, it was moved to East Grinstead and put on a low loader to be moved to Stewarts Lane for component recovery. Condemned on 15th October 1994, and cut up on 1st July 1997 at Old Oak Common by staff from MRJ Phillips, Llanelli.
33107, while running light on 20th April 1989,collided just after mid-day with the 1332 Wareham-Eastleigh freight emerging from Holton Heath siding and subsequently withdrawn on 16th May 1989.
33112 was involved in a collision at Salisbury on 7th October 1988, and suffered cab and frame damage. On 15th October 1988 it was moved to Eastleigh for assessment and subsequently withdrawn. On 11th September 1992, it was cut up at Eastleigh Yard by Coopers Metals, Swindon.
37232 was damaged in mid-January 1978, when it ran into the back of a freightliner near Burrows Sidings, Swansea, and was stored due to the collision damage but returned to service on 23rd August 1979.
37245 was double-heading with 37141 on April 08th 1987 when they collided with MGR wagons whilst leaving the Blackwell branch in Derbyshire. 37245 was moved to Crewe works for repair while 37141 was sent to Doncaster.
37416 sustained severe head-on collision damage at Elgin on 23rd September 1986, when it was sent to rescue 47464, which had failed on the 08.35 Aberdeen-Inverness train but hit it head on in a single line section.
37424 was damaged during a shunting incident involving the summer steam coaches for the Fort William-Mallaig service at Fort William in June 1994. On 9th July 1994 it was at a Doncaster Works Open Day.
37670 suffered severe collision damage at Tavistock Junction on 25th November 1987, after being hit by 37671. On 16th January 1988, collision damaged 37670 + 37671, hauled by 50018 left Laira, via Gloucester Yard for Crewe Works for repairs.
(Peter Kerridge:19017 Steve Dexter:14777 Guy Vincent:21540 Mark Chaplin:16826 Eddie Irvine:8441)