start We are trying to confirm details of movement dates for the following Cl.20s & Cl. 25s. They may have also been at additional locations between those shown but please note that we are not including short term moves to attend galas.


Loco number      Last recorded at                                Now thought to be at

20001                   Midland Railway Centre                 Epping & Ongar Railway

20016                   Barrow Hill                                   Caledonian Railway, Brechin

20020                   Wensleydale Railway                     Bo’ness & Kinnel Railway

20048                   Great Central Railway                    Midland Railway Centre

20056                   Scunthorpe Steel Works                Harry Needle Barrow Hill

20057                   Barrow Hill                                   Churnet Valley Railway

20059                   Severn Valley Railway                    Mid Hants Railway

20066                   Scunthorpe Steel Works                HNRC Barrow Hill

20081                   Cambrian Railway                         Caledonian Railway, Brechin

20088                   Barrow Hill                                   Caledonian Railway, Brechin

20110                   East Lancs Railway                        Battlefield line

20169                   Wensleydale Railway                      Private site at Tebay

20188                   Severn Valley Railway                     Mid Hants Railway


25057                   North Norfolk Railway                    HNRC Worksop

25067                   Battlefield Line                              Nemesis Rail, Burton

25191                   North Yorkshire Moors Railway        South Devon Railway

25265                   Great Central Railway                     Nemesis Rail, Burton

25309                   Glouces-Warks Railway                   Peak Rail