TOPS Class 01/5

TOPS Locomotive, Depot, and Pool codes – top page


(+) Registered on TOPS

(*) Allocated RSL number, but never Registered on TOPS

01501..AB664ARMY 627SCR C. F. Booth, Rotherham (*)
01502..AB665ARMY 628SCR C. F. Booth, Rotherham (*)
01503..AB666ARMY 629SCR C. F. Booth, Rotherham (*)
01504..AB667ARMY 630SOLD-Liberia (*)
01505..AB663ARMY 626SCR C. F. Booth, Rotherham (*)
01506..AB668ARMY 631SCR C. F. Booth, Rotherham (*)
01507MBDLRH459519ARMY 425Crossley Evans Loco (+)
01508..RH466617ARMY 428Arlington Fleet Services Loco (De-registered from TOPS March 2011)
01509MBDLRH468043ARMY 433Chiltern Rail Loco (+)
01510..TH320MOD 272MOD Loco (*)
01511..TH323MOD 275MOD Loco (*)
01512..TH319MOD 301MOD Loco (*)
01513..TH318MOD 302MOD Loco (*)
01514..TH332MOD 303MOD Loco (*)
01515..TH321MOD 304HNRC Loco (*)
01520..TH322MOD 274HNRC Loco (*)
01521..TH333MOD 278MOD Loco (*)
01522..TH272MOD 254MOD Loco (*)
01523..TH299MOD 259Solent Gateway Ltd Loco (*)
01524..TH301MOD 261MOD Loco (*)
01525..TH306MOD 264MOD Loco (*)
01526..TH307MOD 265HNRC Loco (*)
01527..TH274MOD 256MOD Loco (*)
01528..TH309MOD 267MOD Loco (*)
01529..TH310MOD 268HNRC Loco (*)
01530..TH311MOD 269HNRC Loco (*)
01531MBDLHE7018..PVD-Peak Rail (+)
01541..TH300MOD 260Solent Gateway Ltd Loco (*)
01542..TH302MOD 262Solent Gateway Ltd Loco (*)
01543..TH303MOD 263HNRC Loco (*)
01544..TH270MOD 252HNRC Loco (*)
01545..TH271MOD 253HNRC Loco (*)
01546..TH273MOD 255PVD-East Kent Railway (*)
01547..TH308MOD 266HNRC Loco (*)
01548..TH275MOD 257MOD Loco (*)
01549..TH298MOD 258MOD Loco (*)
01550..TH324MOD 271MOD Loco (*)
01551MBDLEE,D1122..Siemens Loco (+)
01552MBDLTH167..HNRC Loco (+)
01553..1204912082PVD-Mid Hants Railway (De-registered from TOPS July 2002)
01554MBDLTH26401568PVD-Chasewater Railway (+)
01555MBDLTH292..Ed Murray & Sons Ltd Loco (+)
01556..HC,D1191..SCR T J Thomson, Stockton (De-registered from TOPS November 2012)
01557..S10147..SCR T J Thomson, Stockton (De-registered from TOPS November 2012)
01558MBDLS10226..PVD-Ribble Steam Railway, Preston (+)
01559..S10227..SCR T J Thomson, Stockton (De-registered from TOPS January 2011)
01560MBDLRR10229..Ed Murray & Sons Ltd Loco (+)
01561MBDLRR1025601572Aggregate Industries Ltd Loco (+)
01562MBDLTH257..Aggregate Industries Ltd Loco (+)
01563....12083PVD-Battlefield Steam Railway (*)
01564....12088PVD-Aln Valley Railway (*)
01565..S10144..C. F. Booth Loco (*)
01566....D9504PVD-Nene Valley Railway (Renumbered on TOPS to 89104)
01567..TH276..Cobra (Middlesborough) Ltd Loco (*)
01569..TH281..Tata Steel Loco (*)
01570..HB773..Lafarge Cement Loco (*)
01571..TH261..WB Power Services Ltd Loco (*)
01573..HE6294..RMS Locotec Loco (*)
01583MBDLRH459517MOD 422PVD-Lavender Line (+)
01585MBDLRH459518MOD 423PVD-Buckingham Railway Centre (+)