TOPS Loco Pool Codes

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The following is a list of TOPS Locomotive Pool Codes which can be used in conjunction with the locomotive stock changes in the “Railway Observer” which is published monthly by the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.

There are a number of codes which are still “live” on the system, but they have no allocation and are unlikely to be used.

Finally, two ghost pools (DXXB and DXXC) are on the system; these, together with a number of ghost locomotive numbers, are only used for staff TOPS training purposes.


13.01.2022: Pool LSLO – Revised

12.01.2022: Pool HNRS – Revised

08.01.2022: Pool WBAI – Revised

26.12.2021: Pool GBEB – Revised; Pool GBOB – Revised

13.12.2021: Pool XHNC – Revised

18.10.1921: Pool MNXZ – New

08.10.2021: Pool GBBR – Revised; Pool GBSD – Revised; Pool GBZZ – Re-activated

06.10.2021: Pool AWCA – Revised

15.09.2021: Pool WQDA – Re-activated

25.07.2021: Pool GBEB – Revised

23.07.2021: Pool WBAI – Re-activated; Pool WBLT – No allocation

28.06.2021: Pool COTS – Revised; Pool GBRG – New

22.06.2021: Pool COTS – Revised

14.06.2021: Pool WBRT – Re-activated

11.06.2021: Pool DCRO – Revised; Pool EPUK – Revised;  Pool HVAC – New

ACACAlstom, AC Locomotive Group, AC Electric Fleet, BH Cl.89Revised15.04.2016
ACXXAlstom, AC Locomotive Group, AC Stored Fleet, BH Cl.81, 82, 83, 84,& 85Revised16.07.2005
ADFLAdvenza Freight LocosNo allocation29.01.2012
ATLOAlstom, Traincare Locos, LL/LO/OY/SV Cl.08 Revised26.12.2018
ATTBAlstom, Dellner Coupler Fitted Thunderbirds, Cl.57No allocation12.05.2009
ATZZAlstom, Locos for Disposal, LO/SV Cl.08Revised26.12.2018
AWCAWest Coast Railway Company, Diesel Locomotives Fleet, CS/HQ/LM Cl.33, 37, 47, 57 & 86Revised05.10.2021
AWCSWest Coast Railway Company, Steam Locomotives Fleet, CS/HQ Cl.98New03.01.2013
AWCXWest Coast Railway Company, Stored Locomotives Fleet, CS Cl.08, 33, 37, 47 & 57New03.01.2013
BDPLBaby Deltic Project Locomotive, Cl.23No allocation..
BRELBoden Rail Engineering Ltd, HQ Cl.50Revised02.07.2020
CDJDCentral Services (Serco Railtest), DY Cl.08New20.03.1994
CFOLClass 50 Operations, KI Cl.37 & 50Revised02.03.2020
CFSLClass 40 Society Locomotives, HQ Cl.40 & 89 (Cl.40)New27.01.2017
COFSColas Rail Limited, Operational Locos, HQ Cl.37 & 50, RU Cl.56Revised02.07.2020
COLOColas Rail Limited, Operational Locos, RU Cl.66/8 & HQ Cl.70Revised26.03.2015
COLRColas Rail Limited, Network Rail Traffic, HQ Cl.70No allocation..
COLSColas Rail Limited, Stored LocosNo allocation23.02.2021
COTSColas Rail Limited, BT/CD/HQ/RU Cl.37, HQ Cl.43 & RU Cl.67Revised28.06.2021
CQOXCentral Services – Railtest LocosNo allocation..
CROLCotswold Rail – Various LocosNo allocation20.12.2014
CSPCClass 73 Preservation Company, Cl.73No allocation10.05.2013
CTLOCambrian Trains, Operational Various LocosNo allocation06.05.2000
CTLSCambrian Trains, Stored LocosNo allocation..
DBLXDeltic Preservation Society, BH/CB/YK Cl.89 (Cl.55)Revised09.06.2004
DCRODevon and Cornwall Railways Limited (DCRail), HQ Cl.56Revised08.06.2021
DCRSDevon and Cornwall Railways Limited (DCRail), TO Cl.60New27.07.2020
DDHHFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Cl.70No allocation25.08.2016
DDHJFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Limited Mileage, Cl.66No allocation26.08.2016
DDHMFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Large Tanker, Cl.66No allocation25.08.2016
DDHNFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Small Tanker, Cl.66No allocation25.08.2016
DDHSFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, 60MPH, Cl.66No allocation25.08.2016
DDIIFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.70No allocation25.08.2016
DDIMFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Large Tanker, Cl.66No allocation25.08.2016
DDINFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Small Tanker, Cl.66 (Used for FD Cl.08)Revised17.09.2019
DEICFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.86No allocation25.08.2016
DEISFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.90No allocation25.08.2016
DFEPFreightliner PL Sp (Poland), European, HQ Cl.66No allocation14.05.2018
DFGHFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Crewe Cl.70No allocation05.11.2019
DFGIFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FD Cl.70Re-activated03.07.2020
DFGMFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Crewe Cl.66No allocation24.01.2014
DFGPFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, GPS LocosNo allocation..
DFHGFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, MD Cl.59/0, Cl.59/1 & Cl.59/2Re-activated05.11.2019
DFHHFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.66/6Revised14.09.2017
DFHJFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.66No allocation19.10.2018
DFHTFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Stored Serviceable, Cl.47No allocation..
DFHZFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Stored Re-power,  Crewe Cl.47No allocation17.07.2002
DFIMFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Modified FD/LD Cl.66/5Re-activated25.08.2016
DFINFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Low Emission,1299 Fuel Capacity FD/HQ Cl.66/4, 66/5 & 66/9Re-activated25.08.2016
DFLCFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FE Cl.90Re-activated25.08.2016
DFLHFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.47Re-activated31.07.2018
DFLRFreightliner Ltd, Resilience (NPU) Crewe Cl.47No allocation21.07.1997
DFLSFreightliner Ltd, T.B.A. Cl.08No allocation20.12.2016
DFLTFreightliner Ltd, Tinsley Cl.47/0No allocation16.04.2004
DFMCFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Crewe Cl.86/5No allocation30.06.2016
DFMLFreightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Cl.56 Shunt LocosNo allocation29.06.2015
DFNCFreightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FE Cl.86/6No allocation17.02.2021
DFTZFreightliner Ltd, Twin Tank, Crewe Cl.57No allocation17.01.2014
DFULFreightliner Ltd, Unservicable LocosNo allocation11.08.2019
DHLTFreightliner Ltd, Contingency Serviceable (Used for Polish Fleet and Stored Locos)Revised19.09.2016
DNLLDeltic 9000 Locomotive Ltd, HQ Cl.50New09.10.1999
DXXBFor Western Region Training PackageNew??.??.??
DXXCFor Crewe Training SchoolNew??.??.??
EFOOFirst Greater Western Limited, PZ Cl.57/6Revised29.03.2018
EFPCFirst Greater Western Limited, HQ/LA Cl.43Revised18.02.2019
EFSHFirst Greater Western Limited, LA/LE/PM/RG Cl.08Revised06.03.2020
EHPCArriva Cross Country, LA Cl.43/0Revised17.06.2020
EJLOWest Midlands (West Midlands Trains Ltd), TS Cl.08New11.11.2007
ELRDEast Lancashire Railway (Diesels) Various Locos, HQ Cl.89(Cl.55)No allocation11.02.2018
EMPCAbellio East Midlands Limited, NL Cl.43Revised19.02.2021
EMSLAbellio East Midlands Limited (Shunting Locos), DY/NL Cl.08Revised18.08.2019
EPEXEuroPhoenix Locos – For Export, HQ Cl.86 & 91Revised23.10.2019
EPUKEuroPhoenix Locos – For UK, HQ/LR Cl.08, 37/0 & 37/9Revised09.06.2021
EPXFEuroPhoenix, Overhaul/Repairs, Cl.56No allocation..
EPXOEuroPhoenix, Operational, Cl.56No allocation..
EPXSEuroPhoenix, Stored Fleet, Cl.56No allocation15.11.2012
EPXXEuroPhoenix, Export Fleet, Cl.56No allocation21.03.2013
EPXZEuroPhoenix, Withdrawn, Cl.56No allocation..
EROGRail Operations Group, Electric Locomotives, LR Cl.91New30.03.2020
ERSLEastern Rail Services Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.08 & 31/4New13.01.2021
ETLOElectric Traction, Operational Fleet, Cl.56No allocation23.02.2015
ETLSElectric Traction, Stored Fleet, Cl.56No allocation07.08.2013
ETLXElectric Traction, Withdrawn Locos, Cl.56No allocation..
FAMTPrivate Owner – 37679, HQ Cl.37Revised16.09.2015
GBBRGB Railfreight, Brush Traction MTU Repowered, SE Cl.73/1 (Used for imported PG Cl.66/7)Revised08.10.2021
GBBTGB Railfreight, JT42 Standard Cab, Big Fuel Tank, PG/RS Cl.66/7Revised20.12.2020
GBCHGB Railfreight, Cl.86 & 87No allocation30.10.2020
GBCMGB Railfreight, Commercial Locos, Cl.66No allocation27.05.2016
GBCRGB Railfreight, Allocated To Crossrail London, Cl.66No allocation01.07.2016
GBCSGB Railfreight, Caledonian Sleeper, EC Cl.73/9Revised25.10.2015
GBCTGB Railfreight, Channel Tunnel, WB Cl.92Re-activated19.06.2020
GBDFGB Railfreight, Cl.47 On Hire, PG Cl.47/7Re-activated21.12.2017
GBDRGB Railfreight, Ex-German Configuration, Cl.66No allocation04.03.2016
GBEBGB Railfreight, JT42 Euro Cab, Big Fuel Tank, PG/RS Cl.66/7Revised15.07.2021
GBEDGB Railfreight, SE Cl.73/1 & 73/2Revised20.10.2014
GBEEGB Railfreight, Hired In DRS Cl.20No allocation30.10.2020
GBELGB Railfreight, JT42 Euro Cab, Little Fuel Tank, PG Cl.66/7New04.03.2016
GBETGB Railfreight, Eurotunnel, HQ Cl.92No allocation01.07.2019
GBFMGB Railfreight, RETB, PG Cl.66/7New24.07.2011
GBGDGB Railfreight, Serviceable Cl.56 Fleet, LR/RS Cl.56Revised16.06.2019
GBGSGB Railfreight, Stored/Doner Cl.56 Fleet, PG Cl.56 & 69Revised09.02.2021
GBHHGB Railfreight, Heavy Haul, RS Cl.66/7New08.04.2021
GBHLGB Railfreight, Cl.66 Sub Hired To Other Operators, Cl.66No allocation07.07.2012
GBLTGB Railfreight, JT42 Standard Cab, Little Fuel Tank, PG Cl.66/7New08.02.2016
GBMUGB Railfreight, Multiple UnitsNo allocation30.12.2021
GBNBGB Railfreight, New Builds, PG Cl.66/7New29.07.2014
GBNLGB Railfreight, Netherlands Configuration, Cl.66No allocation04.03.2016
GBNRGB Railfreight, Network Rail, SE Cl.73/9New04.03.2015
GBOBGB Railfreight, Buckeye Fitted, Big Fuel Tanks, Original Series, RS Cl.66/0Revised04.01.2018
GBRGGB Railfreight, Re-powered Cl.56, PG Cl.69New28.06.2021
GBRTGB Railfreight, Restricted Use, PG 66/7Revised20.08.2018
GBSDGB Railfreight, Scottish Delivery (Used for Stored HQ Cl.92)Revised08.10.2021
GBSLGB Railfreight, Scottish Sleepers, WB Cl.92Revised01.07.2019
GBSTGB Railfreight, Sleepers and Channel Tunnel,  WB Cl.92Revised01.07.2019
GBTG‘GB Railfreight, Doncaster Roberts Road, RS Cl.60New20.08.2018
GBWMGB Railfreight, Whitemoor, PG Cl.08 & 09Revised26.12.2018
GBXXGB Railfreight, General, Cl.66No allocation..
GBYHGB Railfreight Cl.59 Yeoman Highlander, ZG Cl.59/0New04.09.2014
GBZZGB Railfreight, Stored Locos, SE Cl.73Re-activated08.10.2021
GCHPGrand Central, HT Cl.43/0No allocation10.01.2018
GPMWEPS (Eurostar (UK)), Match Wagons, HQ Cl.96/3New02.02.1998
GPSGEPS (Eurostar (UK)), Generator Vans, HQ Cl.96/3 New11.11.1996
GPSNEPS (Eurostar (UK)), Ex-BR Locos, HQ Cl.73/1New18.09.1994
GPSSEPS (Eurostar (UK)), Depot Pilot North Pole International, HQ Cl.08New20.03.1994
GROGRail Operations Group, LR Cl.37 & 57/3Revised29.03.2021
HAPCTOC – ScotRail, HST Power Cars, HA/HQ Cl.43/0Revised28.05.2021
HBSHTOC – NEEC (Wabtec), BN/NL Cl.08Revised26.12.2018
HGYLTOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.31No allocation30.12.2021
HHPCHanson & Hall, Rail Services Solutions Ltd, Power Cars, HQ Cl.43New22.04.2021
HISETOC – Midland, DY Cl.08Revised28.02.1996
HMGPTOC – Heathrow Express, Cl.37 Locos on HireNo allocation..
HNRLTOC – Harry Needle Rail, BH/HQ/KM Cl.08, 09, 20, 31 & 47/7Revised10.06.2020
HNRSTOC – Harry Needle Rail, Stored Locos, BH/HQ Cl.07, 08, 09, 20, 37/7 & 47/7Revised12.01.2022
HTLXTOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.31 & 56Revised27.07.2020
HVACTOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.50New08.06.2021
HWSUTOC – South Central (Southern), SU Cl.08No allocation28.07.2015
HYWDTOC – South Western Railway, WD Cl.73Revised20.08.2017
IANAInterCity – Anglia, (Abellio Greater Anglia Ltd), NC Cl.90No allocation08.07.2020
IBRAInterCity – Bristol Cl.47No allocation27.03.1994
ICCEInterCity – Cross Country HST, EC Cl.43No allocation..
ICHPPrivate Owner – 125 Group, Power Cars, HQ Cl.43Re-activated14.09.2020
ICHSInterCity – Charter, Steam LocosNo allocation..
IEBAInterCity – Euston-Birmingham-Wolverhampton Services, WN Cl.86/2 & 90No allocation08.12.1990
IECAInterCity – ECML, (London North Eastern Railway Limited), NL Cl.91Revised16.02.2021
IECPInterCity – ECML, (London North Eastern Railway Limited), EC Cl.43Revised23.10.2020
IERAInterCity – Expanded Fuel Tanks, Crewe Cl.47/4No allocation10.05.1992
IGJAInterCity – GWML Weekend Hire, BR Cl.37No allocation22.10.1993
IGJKInterCity – Bristol, South West & West,  CF Cl.97No allocation05.04.2004
IVGAInterCity – Gatwick Express, SL Cl.73/2No allocation29.01.2012
IWBRInterCity – GW Long Range, BR Cl.47No allocation02.10.1996
IWCPInterCity – Holyhead (WR HST’s), LA Cl.43No allocation03.01.2003
IWCWInterCity – WCML HST, LA Cl.43No allocation..
KDSDBRML Level 5 (Bombardier), ZF Cl.08New20.03.1994
KRSLKnights Rail Services Various LocosNo allocation..
LSLOLocomotive Services Ltd, Operational Fleet, CD/CS/HQ Cl.08, 20, 37, 40, 47, 57, 86, 87, 90 & 98Revised13.01.2022
LSLSLocomotive Services Ltd, Stored Fleet, CD/HQ/WI Cl.08, 45, 47, 89/5 & 98Revised05.03.2020
MBDLRES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Diesel LocosNew01.04.1993
MBEDRES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Electro-diesel Locos, HQ/SL Cl.73Revised29.01.2012
MBELRES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Electric LocosNew18.07.2015
MBSLRES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Steam LocosNew01.04.1993
MNXYMid Norfolk Railway, Multiple UnitsNo allocation..
MNXZMid Norfolk Railway, LocomotivesNew18.10.2021
MOLOMichael Owen, RT Rail, Operational Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, DY Cl.08, BH/HQ/SE Cl.20Revised27.03.2015
MRLOMainline Rail, Operational Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, BH Cl.31 (Only One Scrapped Loco)Revised13.07.2007
MRLSMainline Rail, Stored Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, BH Cl.31 (Only One Scrapped Loco)Revised10.07.2018
MRSOMainline Rail, Shunters Operational, Private Owner Diesel, HQ Cl.08 (Only One Scrapped Loco)New08.11.2007
MRSSMainline Rail, Shunters Stored, Private Owner Diesel LocosNo allocation11.11.2012
MXXXRES, Privately Owned Locos, Not Passed For Running By Network RailNo allocation04.02.2005
NRHLNemesis Rail, Hired LocomotivesNo allocation15.05.2013
NRLONemesis Rail, Operational Fleet, BH Cl.33; BO Cl.31, 45, 47 & 73Revised14.10.2014
NRLSNemesis Rail, Stored Fleet, BH Cl.31; BO Cl.33, 37 & 47Revised14.10.2014
PTXXEuroporte2, HQ Cl.21/9Revised18.12.2014
QACLNetwork Rail, AC Load Bank, HQ Cl.86/9 (Only One Scrapped Loco)Revised16.12.2004
QADDNetwork Rail, DF/HQ/ZA Cl.08, 31 & 73Revised29.01.2017
QAEDNetwork Rail, Cl.73No allocation28.06.2009
QCARNetwork Rail, HST Power Cars, ZA Cl.43Revised18.02.2019
QETSNetwork Rail, ERTMS, HQ Cl.97/3Revised25.02.2008
QSTRNetwork Rail, Stored FleetNo allocation18.05.2010
RAJVSRPS, Private Owner Diesel Fleet, BT Cl.20, 25, 26, 27, 37 & 47; KM Cl.37Revised03.08.2020
RCJZFastline, Stored FleetNo allocation30.10.2011
RCLORail Charter Services, Operational LocosNo allocation06.01.2001
RCLSRail Charter Services, Stored LocosNo allocation19.11.1999
RCZHRail Care UK (Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd), Springburn, ZH Cl.08Revised09.11.2018
RCZNRail Charter (Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd), Wolverton, ZN Cl.08Revised09.11.2018
RFSHRFS(E) (Wabtec), BN/EC/HQ Cl.08Revised23.03.2013
RMSXRail Management Services Locotec, HQ Cl.08New28.09.2012
RNRGWestern Track Renewal – Reading Cl.08No allocation05.04.2004
RTLORiviera Trains Limited, Operational FleetNo allocation07.07.2016
RTSORiviera Trains Limited, Shunters Operational, CD/HQ Cl.08Revised26.11.2016
RVLORail Vehicle Engineering (Loram UK Ltd), Operational Fleet, DF Cl.31New22.01.2007
RVLSRail Vehicle Engineering (Loram UK Ltd), Stored LocosNo allocation08.09.2009
SAXLEversholt Leasing, Stored Spare LocosRe-activated16.10.2019
SBXLPorterbrook Leasing, Stored Spare LocosRe-activated13.03.2019
SCELAngel Leasing, Locos Stored At ElyNew13.03.2019
SCXLAngel Leasing, Stored Spare LocosNo allocation28.05.2021
SDACFragonset Railways, AC Locos  No allocation18.02.2007
SDEDFragonset Railways, ED LocosNo allocation18.02.2007
SDFLFragonset Railways, Freight, Cl.47No allocation26.02.2007
SDFRFragonset Railways, Cl.47No allocation06.03.2007
SDMSFragonset Railways, Charter, Cl.45   No allocation26.02.2007
SDPPFragonset Railways, Charter – Push Pull, Cl.31No allocation26.02.2007
SDXLFragonset Railways, Stored Fleet, Cl.47             No allocation11.11.2012
SRACSwift Rail, AC Locos, Cl.86No allocation..
SROGRail Operations Group – Locos Under Overhaul, LR Cl.47/8Revised30.01.2020
TPCFFirst TransPennine Express Limited, Various Locos, LO Cl.68 (CAF Mk 5A Five-carriage Set Testing) No allocation11.02.2021
TPEXFirst TransPennine Express Limited, Various Locos, LO Cl.68New01.04.2019
TTLSTraditional Traction Ltd, WA Cl.08, 20 & 47/4Revised17.09.2007
TTTCType Three Traction Company, CS Cl.37New14.04.2000
UKRLUK Rail Leasing – Active Fleet On Hire, LR Cl.56Revised22.10.2015
UKRMUK Rail Leasing – Operational Locos But Not For Mainline Usage, HQ Cl.33 & LR Cl.37/9New27.10.2015
UKROUK Rail Leasing – Locos In Course Of Being OverhauledNo allocation27.10.2015
UKRSUK Rail Leasing – Stored Fleet, HQ Cl.27 & 58, LR Cl.56Revised05.11.2015
WAACDB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, CE Cl.67New31.12.2013
WABCDB Cargo UK – RETB Fitted, CE Cl.67Re-activated15.03.2021
WACCDB Cargo UK – Chiltern Hire, CE Cl.67No allocation04.11.2020
WAWCDB Cargo UK – Gweithrediadau Keolis Amey Limited Hire, CE Cl.67Re-activated04.11.2020
WBAEDB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, Standard, TO Cl.66New08.05.2015
WBAIDB Cargo UK – Industrial, Standard, TO Cl.66Revised07.01.2022
WBAKDB Cargo UK – Construction, Standard, Cl.66No allocation08.05.2015
WBARDB Cargo UK – Remote Monitoring Equipment, TO Cl.66New09.09.2016
WBATDB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, TO Cl.66New31.12.2013
WBBEDB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, RETB, TO Cl.66New08.05.2015
WBBKDB Cargo UK – Construction, RETB, Cl.66No allocation08.05.2015
WBBTDB Cargo UK – RETB Fitted, TO Cl.66Re-activated05.07.2019
WBLEDB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, Lickey Coupling Equipped, TO Cl.66New08.05.2015
WBLTDB Cargo UK – Lickey Coupling Modified, Cl.66No allocation23.07.2021
WBRTDB Cargo UK – RHTT Fleet, TO Cl.66Re-activated14.06.2021
WBSKDB Cargo UK – Network, Sandite/RHTT Fleet, Cl.66No allocation..
WBSNDB Cargo UK – Construction, Sandite/RHTT Fleet, Cl.66No allocation05.10.2015
WBSTDB Cargo UK – Network, Sandite – Trip Cock Fitted, Cl.66No allocation25.09.2014
WBTTDB Cargo UK – RHTT Fleet – Trip Cock Fitted, Cl.66No allocation27.12.2017
WCATDB Cargo UK – Normal Fuel Capacity, TO Cl.60New31.12.2013
WCBTDB Cargo UK – Extra Fuel Capacity, TO Cl.60New31.12.2013
WDAMDB Cargo UK – TO Cl.59/2No allocation04.11.2019
WEACDB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, CE Cl.90Re-activated16.09.2019
WEDCDB Cargo UK – DRS Hire, CE Cl.90Re-activated28.07.2017
WFACDB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, Cl.92No allocation28.09.2015
WFBCDB Cargo UK – HS1, CE Cl.92New31.12.2013
WFMSDB Cargo UK – Holding Pool Pending Sandite UseNo allocation26.03.2021
WGEADB Cargo France, AZ/TO Cl.66New22.12.2013
WGEEDB Cargo (Eastern Europe), CE/HQ Cl.92Revised29.04.2015
WGEPDB Cargo Poland, PN Cl.66New22.12.2013
WKAMDB Cargo UK – Non ETH Fitted, Cl.37No allocation07.04.2003
WNQXDB Cargo UK – Quarantined Locos HQ All ClassesNo allocation..
WNXXDB Cargo UK – Stored Unserviceable – Mainline Locos HQ All ClassesNo allocation18.02.2016
WQAADB Cargo UK – Stored Group 1A, All ClassesNew22.12.2013
WQABDB Cargo UK – Stored Group 1B, All ClassesRe-activated29.07.2016
WQBADB Cargo UK – Stored Group 2, All ClassesNew29.12.2013
WQCADB Cargo UK – Stored Group 3, All ClassesNew29.12.2013
WQDADB Cargo UK – Stored Group 4, All Classes (Locos Stored Surplus)Re-activated15.09.2021
WSASDB Cargo UK – Anglia & Southern Shunters, OC Cl.08No allocation05.04.2004
WSGCDB Cargo UK – GSMR Fitted, Cl.08No allocation29.12.2016
WSMDDB Cargo UK – Midlands Shunters, TO Cl.08No allocation05.04.2004
WSNWDB Cargo UK – North West Shunters, CD Cl.08 & 09No allocation05.04.2004
WSRCDB Cargo UK – Remote Control Fitted, Cl.08No allocation16.12.2016
WSSCDB Cargo UK – Unmodified, Cl.08 & 09No allocation29.12.2016
WSSWDB Cargo UK – Scotland & Borders, ML Cl.08 & 09No allocation16.03.2001
XDLAPrivate Owner – Preserved Diesel LocosNo allocation??.??.??
XELAPrivate Owner – Preserved Electric LocosNo allocation..
XHACPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, HQ/KM Cl.37/4, KM Cl.57/3Revised03.02.2020
XHCCPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Cumbrian Coast, HQ/KM Cl.37/4No allocation15.01.2019
XHCEPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Hired To Chiltern Railways, KM Cl.68New03.10.2014
XHCKPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, KM Cl.57/0Revised30.07.2020
XHCSPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Chiltern Railways Spare Locos, KM Cl.68New04.02.2021
XHHPPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, De-registered Various LocosRe-activated31.01.2020
XHIMPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Intermodal, TO Cl.66/0 & KM Cl.66/3 & 66/4Revised10.10.2019
XHMWPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Locos in Main WorksNo allocation13.03.2007
XHNBPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Northern Belle Charters, Cl.47No allocation13.07.2015
XHNCPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Nuclear, KM Cl.37 & 68Revised13.12.2021
XHNDPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Infrastructure Monitoring, Crewe Cl.37No allocation22.04.2013
XHSSPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Stored Fleet, KM Cl.37 & 57Revised28.10.2020
XHTPPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Leased To First TransPennine Express, KM Cl.68 Re-activated02.02.2021
XHUSPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Unserviceable Various LocosNo allocation..
XHVEPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Vossioh UK Light Locos, KM Cl.68 & 88Revised29.07.2014
XHVTPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Thunderbird VT Rescue Locos, KM Cl.57/3New28.04.2014
XSDPPrivate Owner – Direct Rail Services, Locos Stored Pending Disposal, KM Cl.20, 37 & 57New23.02.2021
XYPAPrivate Owner – Mendip Rail – ARC (Hanson Aggregates), WH Cl.59/1 No allocation05.11.2019
XYPOPrivate Owner – Mendip Rail – Foster Yeoman (Aggregate Industries), MD Cl.59/0 No allocation05.11.2019