TOPS Loco Pool Codes

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The following is a list of TOPS Locomotive Pool Codes which can be used in conjunction with the locomotive stock changes in the “Railway Observer” which is published monthly by the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.

There are a number of codes which are still “live” on the system, but they have no allocation and are unlikely to be used.

Finally, two ghost pools (DXXB and DXXC) are on the system; these, together with a number of ghost locomotive numbers, are only used for staff TOPS training purposes.


30.06.2022: Pool EROG – No allocation

22.04.2022: Pool HNRL – Revised; Pool LSLO – Revised

14.04.2022: Pool HNRL – Revised

13.04.2022: Pool GROG – Revised

11.04.2022: Pool XHSO – Revised

05.04.2022: Pool WBRT – No allocation

31.03.2022: Pool WQDA – No allocation

29.03.2022: Pool DCRO – Revised; Pool DCRS – Revised

16.03.2022: Pool AWCA – Revised

08.03.2022: Pool XHAC – Revised

08.03.2022: Pools: XHCK, XHHP, XHNC & XHSS – No Allocation

08.03.2022: Pool XHSO – New; Pool XWSS – New

01.02.2022: Pool GBGS – Revised

25.01.2022: Pool COTS – Revised

24.01.2022: Pool XHNC – Revised

23.01.2022: Pool GBBR – No allocation; Pool GBRT – No allocation

13.01.2022: Pool LSLO – Revised; Pool XSDP – Revised

12.01.2022: Pool HNRS – Revised

08.01.2022: Pool WBAI – Revised

26.12.2021: Pool GBEB – Revised; Pool GBOB – Revised

13.12.2021: Pool XHNC – Revised

18.10.1921: Pool MNXZ – New

08.10.2021: Pool GBBR – Revised; Pool GBSD – Revised; Pool GBZZ – Re-activated

06.10.2021: Pool AWCA – Revised

15.09.2021: Pool WQDA – Re-activated

ACAC Alstom, AC Locomotive Group, AC Electric Fleet, BH Cl.89 Revised 15/04/2016
ACXX Alstom, AC Locomotive Group, AC Stored Fleet, BH Cl.81, 82, 83, 84,& 85 Revised 16/07/2005
ADFL Advenza Freight Locos No allocation 29/01/2012
ATLO Alstom, Traincare Locos, LL/LO/OY/SV Cl.08 Revised 26/12/2018
ATTB Alstom, Dellner Coupler Fitted Thunderbirds, Cl.57 No allocation 12/05/2009
ATZZ Alstom, Locos for Disposal, LO/SV Cl.08 Revised 26/12/2018
AWCA West Coast Railway Company, Diesel & Electric Locomotives Fleet, CO/CS/HQ/LM Cl.33, 37, 47, 57 & 86 Revised 16/03/2022
AWCS West Coast Railway Company, Steam Locomotives Fleet, CS/HQ Cl.98 New 03/01/2013
AWCX West Coast Railway Company, Stored Locomotives Fleet, CS Cl.08, 33, 37, 47 & 57 New 03/01/2013
BDPL Baby Deltic Project Locomotive, Cl.23 No allocation ..
BREL Boden Rail Engineering Ltd, HQ Cl.50 Revised 02/07/2020
CDJD Central Services (Serco Railtest), DY Cl.08 New 20/03/1994
CFOL Class 50 Operations, KI Cl.37 & 50 Revised 02/03/2020
CFSL Class 40 Society Locomotives, HQ Cl.40 & 89 (Cl.40) New 27/01/2017
COFS Colas Rail Limited, Operational Locos, HQ Cl.37 & 50, RU Cl.56 Revised 02/07/2020
COLO Colas Rail Limited, Operational Locos, RU Cl.66/8 & HQ Cl.70 Revised 26/03/2015
COLR Colas Rail Limited, Network Rail Traffic, HQ Cl.70 No allocation ..
COLS Colas Rail Limited, Stored Locos No allocation 23/02/2021
COTS Colas Rail Limited, BT/CD/HQ/KM/RU Cl.37 & HQ Cl.43 Revised 07/02/2022
CQOX Central Services – Railtest Locos No allocation ..
CROL Cotswold Rail – Various Locos No allocation 20/12/2014
CSPC Class 73 Preservation Company, Cl.73 No allocation 10/05/2013
CTLO Cambrian Trains, Operational Various Locos No allocation 06/05/2000
CTLS Cambrian Trains, Stored Locos No allocation ..
DBLX Deltic Preservation Society, BH/CB/YK Cl.89 (Cl.55) Revised 09/06/2004
DCRO Devon and Cornwall Railways Limited (DCRail), Operational Fleet, HQ Cl.56 & TO Cl.60 Revised 29/03/2022
DCRS Devon and Cornwall Railways Limited (DCRail), Stored Fleet, HQ Cl.56 & LR Cl.60 Revised 29/03/2022
DDHH Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Cl.70 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDHJ Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Limited Mileage, Cl.66 No allocation 26/08/2016
DDHM Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Large Tanker, Cl.66 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDHN Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Small Tanker, Cl.66 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDHS Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, 60MPH, Cl.66 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDII Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.70 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDIM Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Large Tanker, Cl.66 No allocation 25/08/2016
DDIN Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Small Tanker, Cl.66 (Used for FD Cl.08) Revised 17/09/2019
DEIC Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.86 No allocation 25/08/2016
DEIS Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Cl.90 No allocation 25/08/2016
DFEP Freightliner PL Sp (Poland), European, HQ Cl.66 No allocation 14/05/2018
DFGH Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Crewe Cl.70 No allocation 05/11/2019
DFGI Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FD Cl.70 Re-activated 03/07/2020
DFGM Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Crewe Cl.66 No allocation 24/01/2014
DFGP Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, GPS Locos No allocation ..
DFHG Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, MD Cl.59/0, Cl.59/1 & Cl.59/2 Re-activated 05/11/2019
DFHH Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.66/6 Revised 14/09/2017
DFHJ Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.66 No allocation 19/10/2018
DFHT Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Stored Serviceable, Cl.47 No allocation ..
DFHZ Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Stored Re-power, Crewe Cl.47 No allocation 17/07/2002
DFIM Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Modified FD/LD Cl.66/5 Re-activated 25/08/2016
DFIN Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Low Emission,1299 Fuel Capacity FD/HQ Cl.66/4, 66/5 & 66/9 Re-activated 25/08/2016
DFLC Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FE Cl.90 Re-activated 25/08/2016
DFLH Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, FD Cl.47 Re-activated 31/07/2018
DFLR Freightliner Ltd, Resilience (NPU) Crewe Cl.47 No allocation 21/07/1997
DFLS Freightliner Ltd, T.B.A. Cl.08 No allocation 20/12/2016
DFLT Freightliner Ltd, Tinsley Cl.47/0 No allocation 16/04/2004
DFMC Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, Crewe Cl.86/5 No allocation 30/06/2016
DFML Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd, Cl.56 Shunt Locos No allocation 29/06/2015
DFNC Freightliner Ltd, Intermodal, FE Cl.86/6 No allocation 17/02/2021
DFTZ Freightliner Ltd, Twin Tank, Crewe Cl.57 No allocation 17/01/2014
DFUL Freightliner Ltd, Unservicable Locos No allocation 11/08/2019
DHLT Freightliner Ltd, Contingency Serviceable (Used for Polish Fleet and Stored Locos) Revised 19/09/2016
DNLL Deltic 9000 Locomotive Ltd, HQ Cl.50 New 09/10/1999
DXXB For Western Region Training Package New ??.??.??
DXXC For Crewe Training School New ??.??.??
EFOO First Greater Western Limited, PZ Cl.57/6 Revised 29/03/2018
EFPC First Greater Western Limited, HQ/LA Cl.43 Revised 18/02/2019
EFSH First Greater Western Limited, LA/LE/PM/RG Cl.08 Revised 06/03/2020
EHPC Arriva Cross Country, LA Cl.43/0 Revised 17/06/2020
EJLO West Midlands (West Midlands Trains Ltd), TS Cl.08 New 11/11/2007
ELRD East Lancashire Railway (Diesels) Various Locos, HQ Cl.89(Cl.55) No allocation 11/02/2018
EMPC Abellio East Midlands Limited, NL Cl.43 Revised 19/02/2021
EMSL Abellio East Midlands Limited (Shunting Locos), DY/NL Cl.08 Revised 18/08/2019
EPEX EuroPhoenix Locos – For Export, HQ Cl.86 & 91 Revised 23/10/2019
EPUK EuroPhoenix Locos – For UK, HQ/LR Cl.08, 37/0 & 37/9 Revised 09/06/2021
EPXF EuroPhoenix, Overhaul/Repairs, Cl.56 No allocation ..
EPXO EuroPhoenix, Operational, Cl.56 No allocation ..
EPXS EuroPhoenix, Stored Fleet, Cl.56 No allocation 15/11/2012
EPXX EuroPhoenix, Export Fleet, Cl.56 No allocation 21/03/2013
EPXZ EuroPhoenix, Withdrawn, Cl.56 No allocation ..
EROG Rail Operations Group, Electric Locomotives, LR Cl.91 No allocation 30/06/2022
ERSL Eastern Rail Services Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.08 & 31/4 New 13/01/2021
ETLO Electric Traction, Operational Fleet, Cl.56 No allocation 23/02/2015
ETLS Electric Traction, Stored Fleet, Cl.56 No allocation 07/08/2013
ETLX Electric Traction, Withdrawn Locos, Cl.56 No allocation ..
FAMT Private Owner – 37679, HQ Cl.37 Revised 16/09/2015
GBBR GB Railfreight, Brush Traction MTU Repowered, SE Cl.73/1 (Used for imported PG Cl.66/7) No allocation 21/01/2022
GBBT GB Railfreight, JT42 Standard Cab, Big Fuel Tank, PG/RS Cl.66/7 Revised 20/12/2020
GBCH GB Railfreight, Cl.86 & 87 No allocation 30/10/2020
GBCM GB Railfreight, Commercial Locos, Cl.66 No allocation 27/05/2016
GBCR GB Railfreight, Allocated To Crossrail London, Cl.66 No allocation 01/07/2016
GBCS GB Railfreight, Caledonian Sleeper, EC Cl.73/9 Revised 25/10/2015
GBCT GB Railfreight, Channel Tunnel, WB Cl.92 Re-activated 19/06/2020
GBDF GB Railfreight, Cl.47 On Hire, PG Cl.47/7 Re-activated 21/12/2017
GBDR GB Railfreight, Ex-German Configuration, Cl.66 No allocation 04/03/2016
GBEB GB Railfreight, JT42 Euro Cab, Big Fuel Tank, PG/RS Cl.66/7 Revised 15/07/2021
GBED GB Railfreight, SE Cl.73/1 & 73/2 Revised 20/10/2014
GBEE GB Railfreight, Hired In DRS Cl.20 No allocation 30/10/2020
GBEL GB Railfreight, JT42 Euro Cab, Little Fuel Tank, PG Cl.66/7 New 04/03/2016
GBET GB Railfreight, Eurotunnel, HQ Cl.92 No allocation 01/07/2019
GBFM GB Railfreight, RETB, PG Cl.66/7 New 24/07/2011
GBGD GB Railfreight, Serviceable Cl.56 Fleet, LR/RS Cl.56 Revised 16/06/2019
GBGS GB Railfreight, Stored/Donor Cl.56 Fleet, PG Cl.56 Revised 01/02/2022
GBHH GB Railfreight, Heavy Haul, RS Cl.66/7 New 08/04/2021
GBHL GB Railfreight, Cl.66 Sub Hired To Other Operators, Cl.66 No allocation 07/07/2012
GBKP GB Railfreight, Cl.67 Rail Services, RS/RU Cl.67 New 07/02/2022
GBLT GB Railfreight, JT42 Standard Cab, Little Fuel Tank, PG Cl.66/7 New 08/02/2016
GBMU GB Railfreight, Multiple Units No allocation 30/12/2021
GBNB GB Railfreight, New Builds, PG Cl.66/7 New 29/07/2014
GBNL GB Railfreight, Netherlands Configuration, Cl.66 No allocation 04/03/2016
GBNR GB Railfreight, Network Rail, SE Cl.73/9 New 04/03/2015
GBOB GB Railfreight, Buckeye Fitted, Big Fuel Tanks, Original Series, RS Cl.66/0 Revised 04/01/2018
GBRG GB Railfreight, Re-powered Cl.56, PG Cl.69 New 28/06/2021
GBRT GB Railfreight, Restricted Use, PG 66/7 No allocation 21/01/2022
GBSD GB Railfreight, Scottish Delivery (Used for Stored HQ Cl.92) Revised 08/10/2021
GBSL GB Railfreight, Scottish Sleepers, WB Cl.92 Revised 01/07/2019
GBST GB Railfreight, Sleepers and Channel Tunnel, WB Cl.92 Revised 01/07/2019
GBTG ‘GB Railfreight, Doncaster Roberts Road, RS Cl.60 New 20/08/2018
GBWM GB Railfreight, Whitemoor, PG Cl.08 & 09 Revised 26/12/2018
GBXX GB Railfreight, General, Cl.66 No allocation ..
GBYH GB Railfreight Cl.59 Yeoman Highlander, ZG Cl.59/0 New 04/09/2014
GBZZ GB Railfreight, Stored Locos, SE Cl.73 Re-activated 08/10/2021
GCHP Grand Central, HT Cl.43/0 No allocation 10/01/2018
GPMW EPS (Eurostar (UK)), Match Wagons, HQ Cl.96/3 New 02/02/1998
GPSG EPS (Eurostar (UK)), Generator Vans, HQ Cl.96/3 New 11/11/1996
GPSN EPS (Eurostar (UK)), Ex-BR Locos, HQ Cl.73/1 New 18/09/1994
GPSS EPS (Eurostar (UK)), Depot Pilot North Pole International, HQ Cl.08 New 20/03/1994
GROG Rail Operations Group, LR Cl.37 Revised 13/04/2022
HAPC TOC – ScotRail, HST Power Cars, HA/HQ Cl.43/0 Revised 28/05/2021
HBSH TOC – NEEC (Wabtec), BN/NL Cl.08 Revised 26/12/2018
HGYL TOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.31 No allocation 30/12/2021
HHPC Hanson & Hall, Rail Services Solutions Ltd, Power Cars, HQ Cl.43 New 22/04/2021
HISE TOC – Midland, DY Cl.08 Revised 28/02/1996
HMGP TOC – Heathrow Express, Cl.37 Locos on Hire No allocation ..
HNRL TOC – Harry Needle Rail, BH/HQ/KM Cl.08, 09, 20, 31, 37 & 47/7 Revised 22/04/2022
HNRS TOC – Harry Needle Rail, Stored Locos, BH/HQ Cl.07, 08, 09, 20, 37/7 & 47/7 Revised 11/01/2022
HTLX TOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.31 & 56 Revised 27/07/2020
HVAC TOC – Hanson Traction Limited Locomotives, HQ Cl.50 New 08/06/2021
HWSU TOC – South Central (Southern), SU Cl.08 No allocation 28/07/2015
HYWD TOC – South Western Railway, WD Cl.73 Revised 20/08/2017
IANA InterCity – Anglia, (Abellio Greater Anglia Ltd), NC Cl.90 No allocation 08/07/2020
IBRA InterCity – Bristol Cl.47 No allocation 27/03/1994
ICCE InterCity – Cross Country HST, EC Cl.43 No allocation ..
ICHP Private Owner – 125 Group, Power Cars, HQ Cl.43 Re-activated 14/09/2020
ICHS InterCity – Charter, Steam Locos No allocation ..
IEBA InterCity – Euston-Birmingham-Wolverhampton Services, WN Cl.86/2 & 90 No allocation 08/12/1990
IECA InterCity – ECML, (London North Eastern Railway Limited), NL Cl.91 Revised 16/02/2021
IECP InterCity – ECML, (London North Eastern Railway Limited), EC Cl.43 Revised 23/10/2020
IERA InterCity – Expanded Fuel Tanks, Crewe Cl.47/4 No allocation 10/05/1992
IGJA InterCity – GWML Weekend Hire, BR Cl.37 No allocation 22/10/1993
IGJK InterCity – Bristol, South West & West, CF Cl.97 No allocation 05/04/2004
IVGA InterCity – Gatwick Express, SL Cl.73/2 No allocation 29/01/2012
IWBR InterCity – GW Long Range, BR Cl.47 No allocation 02/10/1996
IWCP InterCity – Holyhead (WR HST’s), LA Cl.43 No allocation 03/01/2003
IWCW InterCity – WCML HST, LA Cl.43 No allocation ..
KDSD BRML Level 5 (Bombardier), ZF Cl.08 New 20/03/1994
KRSL Knights Rail Services Various Locos No allocation ..
LSLO Locomotive Services Ltd, Operational Fleet, CD/CS/HQ/KM Cl.08, 20, 37, 40, 47, 57, 86, 87, 90 & 98 Revised 22/04/2022
LSLS Locomotive Services Ltd, Stored Fleet, CD/HQ/WI Cl.08, 45, 47, 89/5 & 98 Revised 05/03/2020
MBDL RES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Diesel Locos New 01/04/1993
MBED RES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Electro-diesel Locos, HQ/SL Cl.73 Revised 29/01/2012
MBEL RES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Electric Locos New 18/07/2015
MBSL RES – Special Trains Charter, Private Owner Steam Locos New 01/04/1993
MNXY Mid Norfolk Railway, Multiple Units No allocation ..
MNXZ Mid Norfolk Railway, Locomotives, HQ Cl.47/4 New 18/10/2021
MOLO Michael Owen, RT Rail, Operational Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, DY Cl.08, BH/HQ/SE Cl.20 Revised 27/03/2015
MRLO Mainline Rail, Operational Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, BH Cl.31 (Only One Scrapped Loco) Revised 13/07/2007
MRLS Mainline Rail, Stored Fleet, Private Owner Diesel, BH Cl.31 (Only One Scrapped Loco) Revised 10/07/2018
MRSO Mainline Rail, Shunters Operational, Private Owner Diesel, HQ Cl.08 (Only One Scrapped Loco) New 08/11/2007
MRSS Mainline Rail, Shunters Stored, Private Owner Diesel Locos No allocation 11/11/2012
MXXX RES, Privately Owned Locos, Not Passed For Running By Network Rail No allocation 04/02/2005
NRHL Nemesis Rail, Hired Locomotives No allocation 15/05/2013
NRLO Nemesis Rail, Operational Fleet, BH Cl.33; BO Cl.31, 45, 47 & 73 Revised 14/10/2014
NRLS Nemesis Rail, Stored Fleet, BH Cl.31; BO Cl.33, 37 & 47 Revised 14/10/2014
PTXX Europorte2, HQ Cl.21/9 Revised 18/12/2014
QACL Network Rail, AC Load Bank, HQ Cl.86/9 (Only One Scrapped Loco) Revised 16/12/2004
QADD Network Rail, DF/HQ/ZA Cl.08, 31 & 73 Revised 29/01/2017
QAED Network Rail, Cl.73 No allocation 28/06/2009
QCAR Network Rail, HST Power Cars, ZA Cl.43 Revised 18/02/2019
QETS Network Rail, ERTMS, HQ Cl.97/3 Revised 25/02/2008
QSTR Network Rail, Stored Fleet No allocation 18/05/2010
RAJV SRPS, Private Owner Diesel Fleet, BT Cl.20, 25, 26, 27, 37 & 47 Revised 18/01/2022
RCJZ Fastline, Stored Fleet No allocation 30/10/2011
RCLO Rail Charter Services, Operational Locos No allocation 06/01/2001
RCLS Rail Charter Services, Stored Locos No allocation 19/11/1999
RCZH Rail Care UK (Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd), Springburn, ZH Cl.08 Revised 09/11/2018
RCZN Rail Charter (Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd), Wolverton, ZN Cl.08 Revised 09/11/2018
RFSH RFS(E) (Wabtec), BN/EC/HQ Cl.08 Revised 23/03/2013
RMSX Rail Management Services Locotec, HQ Cl.08 New 28/09/2012
RNRG Western Track Renewal – Reading Cl.08 No allocation 05/04/2004
RTLO Riviera Trains Limited, Operational Fleet No allocation 07/07/2016
RTSO Riviera Trains Limited, Shunters Operational, CD/HQ Cl.08 Revised 26/11/2016
RVLO Rail Vehicle Engineering (Loram UK Ltd), Operational Fleet, DF Cl.31 New 22/01/2007
RVLS Rail Vehicle Engineering (Loram UK Ltd), Stored Locos No allocation 08/09/2009
SAXL Eversholt Leasing, Stored Spare Locos Re-activated 16/10/2019
SBXL Porterbrook Leasing, Stored Spare Locos (Includes hire to Locomotive Services Ltd and Network Rail) Re-activated 13/03/2019
SCEL Angel Leasing, Locos Stored At Ely New 13/03/2019
SCXL Angel Leasing, Stored Spare Locos No allocation 28/05/2021
SDAC Fragonset Railways, AC Locos   No allocation 18/02/2007
SDED Fragonset Railways, ED Locos No allocation 18/02/2007
SDFL Fragonset Railways, Freight, Cl.47 No allocation 26/02/2007
SDFR Fragonset Railways, Cl.47 No allocation 06/03/2007
SDMS Fragonset Railways, Charter, Cl.45    No allocation 26/02/2007
SDPP Fragonset Railways, Charter – Push Pull, Cl.31 No allocation 26/02/2007
SDXL Fragonset Railways, Stored Fleet, Cl.47              No allocation 11/11/2012
SRAC Swift Rail, AC Locos, Cl.86 No allocation ..
SROG Rail Operations Group – Locos Under Overhaul, LR Cl.47/8 Revised 30/01/2020
TPCF First TransPennine Express Limited, Various Locos, LO Cl.68 (CAF Mk 5A Five-carriage Set Testing) No allocation 11/02/2021
TPEX First TransPennine Express Limited, Various Locos, LO Cl.68 New 01/04/2019
TTLS Traditional Traction Ltd, WA Cl.08, 20 & 47/4 Revised 17/09/2007
TTTC Type Three Traction Company, CS Cl.37 New 14/04/2000
UKRL UK Rail Leasing – Active Fleet On Hire, BO/LR Cl.56 Revised 22/10/2015
UKRM UK Rail Leasing – Operational Locos But Not For Mainline Usage, HQ Cl.33 & LR Cl.37/9 New 27/10/2015
UKRO UK Rail Leasing – Locos In Course Of Being Overhauled No allocation 27/10/2015
UKRS UK Rail Leasing – Stored Fleet, HQ Cl.27 & 58, LR Cl.56 Revised 05/11/2015
WAAC DB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, CE Cl.67 New 31/12/2013
WABC DB Cargo UK – RETB Fitted, CE Cl.67 Re-activated 15/03/2021
WACC DB Cargo UK – Chiltern Hire, CE Cl.67 No allocation 04/11/2020
WAWC DB Cargo UK – Gweithrediadau Keolis Amey Limited Hire, CE Cl.67 Re-activated 04/11/2020
WBAE DB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, Standard, TO Cl.66 New 08/05/2015
WBAI DB Cargo UK – Industrial, Standard, TO Cl.66 Revised 07/01/2022
WBAK DB Cargo UK – Construction, Standard, Cl.66 No allocation 08/05/2015
WBAR DB Cargo UK – Remote Monitoring Equipment, TO Cl.66 New 09/09/2016
WBAT DB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, TO Cl.66 New 31/12/2013
WBBE DB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, RETB, TO Cl.66 New 08/05/2015
WBBK DB Cargo UK – Construction, RETB, Cl.66 No allocation 08/05/2015
WBBT DB Cargo UK – RETB Fitted, TO Cl.66 Re-activated 05/07/2019
WBLE DB Cargo UK – Auto Stop Start, Lickey Coupling Equipped, TO Cl.66 New 08/05/2015
WBLT DB Cargo UK – Lickey Coupling Modified, Cl.66 No allocation 23/07/2021
WBRT DB Cargo UK – RHTT Fleet, TO Cl.66 No allocation 05/04/2022
WBSK DB Cargo UK – Network, Sandite/RHTT Fleet, Cl.66 No allocation ..
WBSN DB Cargo UK – Construction, Sandite/RHTT Fleet, Cl.66 No allocation 05/10/2015
WBST DB Cargo UK – Network, Sandite – Trip Cock Fitted, Cl.66 No allocation 25/09/2014
WBTT DB Cargo UK – RHTT Fleet – Trip Cock Fitted, Cl.66 No allocation 27/12/2017
WCAT DB Cargo UK – Normal Fuel Capacity, TO Cl.60 New 31/12/2013
WCBT DB Cargo UK – Extra Fuel Capacity, TO Cl.60 New 31/12/2013
WDAM DB Cargo UK – TO Cl.59/2 No allocation 04/11/2019
WEAC DB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, CE Cl.90 Re-activated 16/09/2019
WEDC DB Cargo UK – DRS Hire, CE Cl.90 Re-activated 28/07/2017
WFAC DB Cargo UK – Regular Fleet, Cl.92 No allocation 28/09/2015
WFBC DB Cargo UK – HS1, CE Cl.92 New 31/12/2013
WFMS DB Cargo UK – Holding Pool Pending Sandite Use No allocation 26/03/2021
WGEA DB Cargo France, AZ/TO Cl.66 New 22/12/2013
WGEE DB Cargo (Eastern Europe), CE/HQ Cl.92 Revised 29/04/2015
WGEP DB Cargo Poland, PN Cl.66 New 22/12/2013
WKAM DB Cargo UK – Non ETH Fitted, Cl.37 No allocation 07/04/2003
WNQX DB Cargo UK – Quarantined Locos HQ All Classes No allocation ..
WNXX DB Cargo UK – Stored Unserviceable – Mainline Locos HQ All Classes No allocation 18/02/2016
WQAA DB Cargo UK – Stored Group 1A, All Classes New 22/12/2013
WQAB DB Cargo UK – Stored Group 1B, All Classes Re-activated 29/07/2016
WQBA DB Cargo UK – Stored Group 2, All Classes New 29/12/2013
WQCA DB Cargo UK – Stored Group 3, All Classes New 29/12/2013
WQDA DB Cargo UK – Stored Group 4, All Classes (Locos Stored Surplus) No allocation 31/03/2022
WSAS DB Cargo UK – Anglia & Southern Shunters, OC Cl.08 No allocation 05/04/2004
WSGC DB Cargo UK – GSMR Fitted, Cl.08 No allocation 29/12/2016
WSMD DB Cargo UK – Midlands Shunters, TO Cl.08 No allocation 05/04/2004
WSNW DB Cargo UK – North West Shunters, CD Cl.08 & 09 No allocation 05/04/2004
WSRC DB Cargo UK – Remote Control Fitted, Cl.08 No allocation 16/12/2016
WSSC DB Cargo UK – Unmodified, Cl.08 & 09 No allocation 29/12/2016
WSSW DB Cargo UK – Scotland & Borders, ML Cl.08 & 09 No allocation 16/03/2001
XDLA Private Owner – Preserved Diesel Locos No allocation ??.??.??
XELA Private Owner – Preserved Electric Locos No allocation ..
XHAC Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, KM Cl.57/3 Revised 07/03/2022
XHCC Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Cumbrian Coast, HQ/KM Cl.37/4 No allocation 15/01/2019
XHCE Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Hired To Chiltern Railways, KM Cl.68 New 03/10/2014
XHCK Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, KM Cl.57/0 No allocation 07/03/2022
XHCS Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Chiltern Railways Spare Locos, KM Cl.68 New 04/02/2021
XHHP Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, De-registered Various Locos No allocation 07/03/2022
XHIM Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Intermodal, TO Cl.66/0 & KM Cl.66/3 & 66/4 Revised 10/10/2019
XHMW Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Locos in Main Works No allocation 13/03/2007
XHNB Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Northern Belle Charters, Cl.47 No allocation 13/07/2015
XHNC Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Nuclear No allocation 07/03/2022
XHND Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Infrastructure Monitoring, Crewe Cl.37 No allocation 22/04/2013
XHSO Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Supply Chain Operations Locomotives, KM Cl.37 & 57/0, LR Cl.57/3 Revised 11/04/2022
XHSS Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Stored Fleet No allocation 07/03/2022
XHTP Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Leased To First TransPennine Express, KM Cl.68 Re-activated 02/02/2021
XHUS Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Unserviceable Various Locos No allocation ..
XHVE Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Vossioh UK Light Locos, KM Cl.68 & 88 Revised 29/07/2014
XHVT Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Thunderbird VT Rescue Locos, KM Cl.57/3 New 28/04/2014
XSDP Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Locos Stored Pending Disposal, KM Cl.37 & 57 Revised 13/01/2022
XWSS Private Owner – Direct Rail Services, Stored Fleet, KM Cl.37/0, HQ/KM Cl.37/4, KM Cl.57 & TO Cl.66/0 New 07/03/2022
XYPA Private Owner – Mendip Rail – ARC (Hanson Aggregates), WH Cl.59/1 No allocation 05/11/2019
XYPO Private Owner – Mendip Rail – Foster Yeoman (Aggregate Industries), MD Cl.59/0 No allocation 05/11/2019