Late Summer Holiday 2000

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Over this holiday weekend the bridge over the River Trent at Newark was replaced. On all three days trains were diverted between Newark Northgate and Doncaster via Gainsborough Lea Road in both directions. Northbound (Down) trains were routed via Decoy South Junction approaching Doncaster. Southbound (Up) trains were routed via Black Carr Junction leaving Doncaster. All trains listed for Saturday 26th August and Sunday 27th August were dragged between Newark Northgate and Doncaster, trains not listed were scheduled to utilise HSTs and did. For Monday 28th August all diverted trains are listed and the scheduled Doncaster arrival time at Doncaster for Northbound trains and departure time for Southbound trains is also given.

47759 dragging 91009 The Samaritans arriving at Doncaster on 28th August 2000 heading 1S14 08.00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh   Ian Nightingale

47733 Eastern Star dragging 90038 arriving at Doncaster on 28th August 2000 heading 1D34 08.10 Kings Cross-Leeds   Ian Nightingale

47785 about to depart Doncaster on 1A17 10:05 Leeds-Kings Cross with 91013 on the rear on 28th August 2000   Ian Nightingale

47792 ?Saint Cuthbert? has just arrived at Newark Northgate on 28th August 2000 heading 1E08 08.00 Aberdeen-Kings Cross which had started at Berwick-upon-Tweed, 91011 was on the rear   Ian Nightingale

47759 at Doncaster awaiting detachment from 90038 on 1D42 15:40 Kings Cross-Leeds on 28th August 2000   Ian Nightingale

47775 ?Respite? + 47773 ?Reservist? depart Doncaster on 28th August 2000 forming 1A29 17.05 Leeds-Kings Cross, 91025 was on the rear   Ian Nightingale

47733 ‘Eastern Star’ heads 1E04 10:30 Edinburgh – Kings Cross through Stow Park with 91018 ‘Bradford Film Festival’ on the rear through Stow Park on Sunday 27th August 2000.   Bill Atkinson

47786 ‘Roy Castle OBE’ dragging 91002 ‘Durham Cathedral’ heads 1S13 07:00 Kings Cross – Glasgow Central through Collingham on Saturday 26th August 2000.   Lindsay Atkinson

47775 ‘Respite’ dragging 1E07 10:00 Edinburgh (started Berwick upon Tweed) – Kings Cross past the remaining station buildings at Walkeringham on Monday 28th August 2000.   Lindsay Atkinson

47799 ‘Prince Harry’ draggs 1E02 09:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross, with 91011 on the rear, through Stow Park on Subday 27th August 2000.   Lindsay Atkinson

Saturday 26th August 2000

4773406:15 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4773405:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
4778607:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4778604:50 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4777208:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4777206:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4773308:10 Kings Cross-Leeds4775907:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4779908:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4779807:30 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4775909:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4779206:20 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4779809:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4773407:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4779210:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4778609:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4773410:40 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4778507:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4778611:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4773308:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4778511:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4779909:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4773312:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4775909:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779913:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4779210:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779215:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4773312:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
47793+HST16:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh Note 14778513:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4778517:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4779914:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4773318:40 Kings Cross-Newcastle4778614:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779919:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle4779215:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4778619:30 Kings Cross-Leeds4773418:40 Leeds-Kings Cross
4773420:30 Kings Cross-Leeds4778516:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779821:30 Kings Cross-Leeds4779820:15 Leeds-Kings Cross
4779222:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle4779318:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 2

Sunday 27th August 2000

4775908:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4777207:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4773408:35 Kings Cross-Leeds4778607:30 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4778509:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4777507:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4773309:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4775908:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4779210:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4778509:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4777510:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4779909:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4775911:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4773410:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4778512:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4773310:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4779913:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4779211:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4773413:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4777513:25 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4773314:00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen4777210:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779214:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow4775913:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4778615:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4779915:40 Leeds-Kings Cross
4777515:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle4773312:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4777216:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4779215:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4775916:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle4778615:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4779917:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow4777517:15 Newcastle-Kings Cross
4773317:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle4777214:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779218:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh4779915:50 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4778619:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle4775917:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
4777220:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle4773316:55 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4779920:30 Kings Cross-Leeds4778618:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
4773322:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle

Monday 28th August 2000

09:07477861S1206:15 Kings Cross-Glasgow05:48477861A0005:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
09:23HST1S1307:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh06:25HST1A0204:50 Newcastle-Kings Cross
09:47477921D3207:03 Kings Cross-Leeds06:54477851A0306:10 Leeds-Kings Cross
10:09477851N0107:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh07:36477591A0606:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
10:31477591S1408:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh07:53HST1A1007:00 Hull-Kings Cross
10:57477331D3408:10 Kings Cross-Leeds08:07HST1A1106:48 Skipton-Kings Cross
11:20477341S1508:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow08:36477991A1207:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
11:48477991D3509:10 Kings Cross-Leeds09:09477751E0206:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
12:20477751N0209:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh09:25477721A1508:12 Bradford-Kings Cross
12:44477721S1810:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow09:55HST1E0307:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
12:57HST1S2010:30 Kings Cross-Aberdeen10:40477921A1609:00 Newcastle-Kings Cross
13:20477921S1610:33 Kings Cross-Glasgow10:58477851A1710:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
13:53477851D3711:10 Kings Cross-Leeds11:1747759+
1E0407:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
14:21477591S1011:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow12:12HST1E0508:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
14:27HST1S2412:00 Kings Cross-Inverness12:4847799+
1A1912:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
14:48477861D3812:03 Kings Cross-Leeds13:09477751E0710:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 3
15:33477991S2813:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh13:17477921E0808:00 Aberdeen-Kings Cross Note 3
15:55477341D3913:10 Kings Cross-Leeds13:51477721A3510:48 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 3
16:08477751S2813:30 Kings Cross-Glasgow14:14caped1E1007:55 Inverness-Kings Cross
16:20HST1S3014:00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen14:21HST1E1010:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
17:05477921N0414:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh14:48477851A2314:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
17:30477721S3115:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow15:17477991E1112:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 3
18:09HST1S0115:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh15:28477591E1210:00 Aberdeen-Kings Cross Note 3
18:28477591D4215:40 Kings Cross-Leeds15:51477861A2415:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
18:16HST1S3216:00 Kings Cross-Aberdeen16:19477341E1312:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
19:09caped1N0616:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle16:28477921E2513:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 4
19:35477991S3317:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh16:48caped1A2716:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
19:51caped1D0217:10 Kings Cross-Hull17:31477721E1514:30 Edinburgh-Kings Cross Note 3
20:06477341S4217:30 Kings Cross-Edinburgh17:5347775+
1A2917:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
20:30caped1D1117:50 Kings Cross-Skipton18:03477981E1614:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
20:41477851S3418:00 Kings Cross-Glasgow18:33caped1A3015:24 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
21:06477721N0918:30 Kings Cross-Newcastle18:54477591A3118:05 Leeds-Kings Cross
21:43HST1D4618:50 Kings Cross-Leeds19:04477861E1716:00 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
21:21477981S3619:00 Kings Cross-Edinburgh20:03caped1F6016:57 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
22:141D4719:30 Kings Cross-Leeds20:10HST1E1816:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross Note 3
22:341N1220:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle20:27HST1E1914:55 Aberdeen-Kings Cross Note 3
22:521D5020:30 Kings Cross-Leeds21:14477991F6117:55 Edinburgh-Kings Cross
23:42caped1G2221:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle22:13477721E2018:00 Glasgow-Kings Cross
00:081D5121:30 Kings Cross-Leeds
00:581N1322:00 Kings Cross-Newcastle
02:071D3623:34 Kings Cross-Leeds