Autumn 2011

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67025 passes through Sleaford dragging 91122 on 1D15 13.03 Kings Cross-Leeds on 22nd October 2011   Robert Pritchard

The Trains shown were dragged between Peterborough and Newark Northgate and diverted via Spalding and Lincoln. Northbound trains were routed via Sleaford station between Sleaford North and South Junctions, Southbound trains were routed direct via the avoiding line.

+ – terminated at Peterborough due to mechanical fault

# – terminated at Doncaster

* – Not booked to be dragged but dragged between Peterborough and Doncaster and diverted via Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln, Gainsborough and Decoy South Junction.

** – Booked to be worked throughout by a HST. Actually formed of HST from Kings Cross to Peterborough (actually departed north from the station but set back into the platform)were it terminated due to problems with the preceeding 1D29 19:30 Kings Cross-Leeds. Passengers were then conveyed by road to Doncaster were the train re-started 60+ minutes late formed of Mark IV set and dragged Doncaster to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

(A)- 67003 on rear from Newark Northgate to Peterborough providing ETS. Train locomotive 67022 was unable to provide ETS.

(B)- Departed Peterborough 19 minutes late. Train declared a failure with an ETS fault before reaching Wennington Junction. Train returned to Peterborough powered by 91115 where it terminated. Leaving Peterborough 67003 was coupled in front of 91115 dead. For the return to Peterborough 91115 was re-energised and powered being controlled from the DVT which was then leading.

67001 passing Peakirk (between Spalding and Werrington Junction) with 91125 on the rear on 1A19 09:05 Leeds-Kings Cross on 13th November 2011   Lindsay Atkinson

67001 approaching Metherington station dragging 91114 on 1D15 13:03 Kings Cross-Leeds on 12th November 2011   Lindsay Atkinson

67020 passing Peakirk (between Spalding and Werrington Junction) with 91105 on the rear on 1A19 08:05 Leeds-Kings Cross on 13th November 2011   Lindsay Atkinson

67022 just south of Metheringham Station dragging 91128 on 1A31 13:05 Leeds-Kings Cross on 22nd October 2011   Lindsay Atkinson

67025 approaching Metherington Station dragging 91122 on 1D15 13:03 Kings Cross-Leeds on 22nd October 2011   Lindsay Atkinson

Saturday 22nd October 2011

670251D1513:03Kings Cross-Leeds670221A3113:05Leeds-Kings Cross
Cancelled1D1714:03Kings Cross-Leeds670251A4015:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670221D2116:03Kings Cross-Leeds670261A4316:45Leeds-Kings Cross
670011N2717:30Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne*670191E2115:30Edinburgh-Kings Cross*
Cancelled1D2818:03Kings Cross-Leeds+HST1A4918:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670261D2919:30Kings Cross-Leeds

Sunday 23rd October 2011

670261A1508:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670221A1509:05Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 29th October 2011

670191D1513:03Kings Cross-Leeds670011A3113:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670261D1714:03Kings Cross-Leeds670191A4015:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670011D2116:03Kings Cross-Leeds670261A4316:45Leeds-Kings Cross
670191D2818:03Kings Cross-Leeds670011A4918:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670261D2919:30Kings Cross-Leeds

Sunday 30th October 2011

670261A1508:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670161A1909:05Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 5th November 2011

670031D1513:03Kings Cross-Leeds670261A3113:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670221D1714:03Kings Cross-Leeds670211A4015:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670261D2116:03Kings Cross-Leeds67022 (A)1A4316:45Leeds-Kings Cross
670211D2818:03Kings Cross-Leeds670261A4918:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670031D2919:30Kings Cross-Leeds (B)
670211N3320:00Kings Cross-Newcastle Upon Tyne**

Sunday 6th November 2011

Cancelled1A1508:05Leeds-Kings Cross#
670211A1909:05Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 12th November 2011

670011D1513:03Kings Cross-Leeds670211A3113:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670201D1714:03Kings Cross-Leeds670011A4015:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670211D2116:03Kings Cross-Leeds670201A4316:45Leeds-Kings Cross
670011D2818:03Kings Cross-Leeds670211A4918:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670201D2919:30Kings Cross-Leeds

Sunday 13th November 2011

670201A1508:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670011A1909:05Leeds-Kings Cross

Saturday 19th November 2011

670011D1513:03Kings Cross-Leeds670201A3113:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670161D1714:03Kings Cross-Leeds670011A4015:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670201D2116:03Kings Cross-Leeds670161A4316:45Leeds-Kings Cross
670011D2818:03Kings Cross-Leeds670201A4918:35Leeds-Kings Cross
670161D2919:30Kings Cross-Leeds

Sunday 20th November 2011

670161A1508:05Leeds-Kings Cross
670261A1909:05Leeds-Kings Cross